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  1. Sandstormdesigns

    Co cut & Smart Designer

    Digital Art Solutions has Smart Designer X4.5. Is anyone using this, any inputs on the program whether it is worth the investment? Are the feature selling points of the software could be done in CorelDraw just as fast? I haven't seen any reviews or comments of present users.
  2. Sandstormdesigns

    Looking for a Laser cutter/Engraver

    If you are looking into laser engraving, I strongly suggest an Epilog laser or Universal. I personally run the Epilog Legend 36EXT 60 watts
  3. Sandstormdesigns

    License plates

    I have always admire other people artwork. Here is a tag that I made using 1/4'' color acrylic cut and etched on my Epilog Legend 36EXT. I am looking for some 3D puzzle templates to experiment with.
  4. Sandstormdesigns

    help With Coral Draw

    Are you trying to Vectorize your work? What version of CorelDraw are you running?
  5. Sandstormdesigns

    Epson R1900

    I am not sure what you are wanting to do? However, I do tshirts with my 1800 Epson. You can use a cheaper CISS system but you do have to print with it because the ink will back up in the print head. Here is a link
  6. Sandstormdesigns

    LXI Master Plus vs FlexiSign Pro

    Hey man...that is a steal. You can not get FlexiStarter for that. Make sure it has a dongle. LXi and Flexi doesn't have that much difference.
  7. Sandstormdesigns

    2010 Camaro Rally Stripe template

    I don't believe anyone know where to get the templates.
  8. Sandstormdesigns

    Looking for Camaro Stripes vector

    No one on here know where to buy or get the software to do Rally Race stripes for the 2011 Camaro, Mustang, Challenger...etc. No vehicle stripe templates?
  9. Sandstormdesigns

    flexi 8.1 help

    In the set properties you can change the name of your plotter. However, just choose a plotter that closely fit your plotter language...whether it is HPGL or GPGL. Before Graphtec had drivers for Vista I used the FC7000 setting for my FC8000 to emulate. I had no issues.
  10. Sandstormdesigns

    Vinyl Express Q Series

    SW sucks! Their tech support is incompetent and act as if you do not know what is going on. I bought a plotter ( VE R24 or Redsail RS24) from them a few years back before purchasing my Graphtec FC8000. The plotter last 3 weeks before it broke, had to fight to get another and it wasn't any better than the first one. When I bought my Graphtec....else where, they tried to say I needed a new version of their Vinyl Express LXi for the Graphtec 8000 to work, which I already had the 8.6v in the beginning. The Graphtec will work on either language HPGL or GPGL, I had the Graphtec running on Vista before a driver was ever produce for it. Personally, if you get a plotter buy a Graphtec...if you can handle the cost get the FC8000 model. Nothing is wrong with the other models but the FC8000 models are heavy duty. What SW doesn't tell you is that, they take the RMS system off their rename Q models and sell as optional systems. If you check the prices, you are not saving much. However, the FC8000 are more now then when I purchased mine. Stay away from Redsail, VE models, and Q models! To save you the headache of their so-called tech support and inept customer service buy elsewhere, you will be relieved. Good luck.
  11. Sandstormdesigns

    registration marks

    Is there anyone using Cutting Master to create multi-layer graphics from CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator? It would help if Graphtec had SAI to place Reg Mark option in the cut menu like Flexi.
  12. Sandstormdesigns

    Best place to buy Corel Draw X5 or Adobe Illustrator

    Glad I can help. I had no one to go to when I started doing graphics. A lot of shortcuts came from forums and long late hours.
  13. Sandstormdesigns

    Cutting directly from CorelDraw

    I feel that it is very disrespectful for individuals to make a remark as if they know something that you don't and will not explain how or why it will work. The purpose of the forum is to help individuals that are in the same or similar field that we all are connected to. If you know that you can cut out of CorelDraw X3,X4,or X5, explain to the individual how...not as if it's some top secret from the Pentagon!
  14. Sandstormdesigns

    Best place to buy Corel Draw X5 or Adobe Illustrator

    I use the Cut Master 2 directly in CorelDraw. I have never had any problems with plugins. It doesn't matter about the version because you are directing the install path to the plug in folder of Corel. So obviously, no one is comparing the difference between the two. This causes a lot of misconception for beginners who wants to get into graphics without spending alot of money. As myself, I have not seen a difference but hearsay about Academic or Commercial versions. I know for one, buying an Academic version, you do not get the large box. It comes in a shrink wrap case...that's it.
  15. Gas prices affecting Profits!