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    Embroidery, screen printing, vinyl work, my family, and my pets. :-)
  1. plbrooks


    Nice stuff! Do you use vinyl to create your stencils, or do you use stencils from the craft shops? I like Armour Etch, but find that sometimes I have issues with it leaching under the stencil. How do you handle that? Thanks!!! :-)
  2. plbrooks


    Love it!!
  3. plbrooks

    Merry Christmas

    copied... thanks!!
  4. plbrooks

    Does someone have this?

    Grabbed a copy - thank you!
  5. plbrooks

    Christmas is here again --- who needs Santa?

    Thank you! :-) Pat Brooks
  6. plbrooks

    Starlight mug press?

    Hello everyone... haven't been around in a while - embroidery business has kept me hopping! Does anyone know anything about a Starlight mug press? I need to purchase a mug press and there's a Starlight on eBay, but there isn't much info about it. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!! Pat Brooks Brooks Embroidery & Screen Printing Bonney Lake, WA
  7. plbrooks

    Owl Family (stick style)

    Very nice - grabbed it. Thanks so much!! :-)
  8. plbrooks

    Zombie Disposal Container

    Grabbed it - thanks much!!
  9. plbrooks

    Special shirt

  10. plbrooks

    What do you do when your not working?

    Pray for continued favor and grace... and then go up to my personal sewing room and work on the quilt of the day; take the dog for a long walk... clean my house because when I work I don't pay attention to the house; and enjoy my grandchildren!
  11. plbrooks

    Shirts and weight question

    6 oz is usually the heavy weight shirt... I stick with 100% cotton tees, and I don't have a problem with the white ones from Port and Company (Sanmar brand) being see-through... I actually prefer the Sanmar PC61 shirts - they're pretty sturday and don't show through...
  12. Uninstalling and then reinstalling SignCut seems to have fixed it for now... but will try all advice at least once!! You guys are the best - I knew there was a reason that I found this group!!
  13. I looked at the back of the computer and it looks like there's a connection for a serial cable there - I don't remember that kind of cable coming with the cutter but I'll definitely look... just reinstalled SignCut and cussed a lot at the computer and the cutter and now it seems to be... oh wait, can't say that because it'll hear me!! ;-) Thansk for all the suggestions - will definitely try them!
  14. No... will look into that and see what happens... thanks!
  15. Yes, have done that a couple of times too... and it seems to be only a temporary fix...