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  1. spacegraphics

    Keyspan Serial to USB not working

    Here are my settings for the cutter.
  2. spacegraphics

    Keyspan Serial to USB not working

    I can't get my cutter to work with Lion. I know that SignCut is supposed to be compatible with Lion, but they Keyspan is not reading now. Any advice? Thanks, Scott Laserpoint 24 with OS X Lion and a Keyspan Serial to USB connector.
  3. spacegraphics

    New release 1.07 also now supports Snow Leopard

    Here are my settings...
  4. spacegraphics


    thanks very much!
  5. spacegraphics

    Magnetic Signs

    look great
  6. spacegraphics


    stacked LO VE by Robert Indiana if anyone has it, please! I tried to vectorize it, but it didn't work so well.
  7. spacegraphics

    New release 1.07 also now supports Snow Leopard

    1.07 is working great! Thanks!
  8. spacegraphics

    24'' laserpoint us cutter

    I just cleaned out my blade holder and it is 1000% better! Thanks for the tip.
  9. spacegraphics

    Illustrator, help,again

    re-ytpe it. It looks like Times New Roman...
  10. spacegraphics

    New decal for the holidays

  11. spacegraphics

    Trying to collect payment

    I have been fighting for payment on a design job since February. It has been e-mails back and forth and him saying he will pay in a few weeks, blah blah. I 99% of the time get a deposit on design work, but let him slide since I have done work for him in the past. I have his "assurance" again this week that he will mail payment. Not sure if it is worth going to court over. I didn't have him sign a contract this time, either. I just got burned on a set of vehicle magnets and car window decals, too. She was in a hurry to get them, so I got them together really quick and now she says she can't afford to pay for them. So, I am stuck with them I guess. Friend of a friend situation here, so I again let it slide on up front payment. Back to design work, though. I have a contract regarding ownership of artwork and payment requirements BEFORE I let anyone take anything. It is more work to chase them down and make them sign a contract, but at least you will have it on paper for legal issues if it comes to it? These are the issues that keep me working at a 9-5 job. Everyone is looking to screw someone over. Even more so with the economy being slow. I guess there is a balance between being a nice business person, but a stern one. Keep all bases covered and get some $ up front.
  12. spacegraphics

    Wanna share your photo?

  13. spacegraphics

    "Waiting" after cut

    but then don't you have to power it off and back on to use it again?
  14. spacegraphics

    "Waiting" after cut

    I have to hit the "reset cutter" button in the software to clear it out.
  15. spacegraphics

    Signcut not that stable in Snow Leopard

    My problems seem to be hit or miss...sometimes it works fine; other times it just shuts down when I start it. So far I have learned that it seems to crash less when I restart my computer and just go right to the cutting software. I appreciate all of your assistance with this! Thanks!