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  1. Mostly just lurk but do appreciate all the fine folks posting various files to this forum. Using a Laser Point 24 bought in late 2007 and Signblazer for the most part. Just acquired the little 12" Refine on Ebay from US Cutter and am having a ball using it to make use of small scraps laying around. Hopefully the Memory file will help a few folks out. memoryJD.EPS memoryJD.EPS
  2. drdancan

    Using a fax with NO phone line??

    I've been using myfax.com for two years now, no complaints and no junk mail or faxes from them. You get a Toll free fax number too. Dan LaserPoint
  3. drdancan


    Thanks for the vector... will post picture when I get the shirt done... Me and Inkscape are getting to know each other just need some more time in the day LOL...
  4. drdancan


    Thanks Everyone. Eric, sure wished that was an eps file... I wouldn't weed it for heat press vinyl but would color it up and print it out for inkjet transfer. Dan
  5. drdancan


    I'm not having much luck finding a Rattlesnake I can work with. It's going on a t-shirt and would like to have a good view of head with fangs exposed. Help Please.
  6. drdancan

    usb to plotter

    Using a 25 ft. serial cable here to LaserPoint 24 with no problems ever.
  7. drdancan

    Where to buy T shirt vinyl

    I've had good results with the heat press vinyl I got from http://www.heatpressvinyl.com . Small company and Roger has great service. Plus his rolls are 19 inches wide and available by the foot. No affiliation just a satisfied customer. LaserPoint 24
  8. drdancan


    Using a 25 ft. serial cable to LaserPoint 24 with no problems here. Never tried USB.
  9. drdancan

    Where you from?

    Thackerville, Oklahoma originally Floydada, Texas
  10. drdancan


    Maybe this will work donkey001.zip donkey001.zip
  11. drdancan

    Jagged Edges Needed

    Thanks Mark
  12. drdancan

    Jagged Edges Needed

    Could use a hand with this. Trace in SB or Inkscape smooths the edges. I am trying to keep the edges as is. Attached is the original, and a black and white I am trying to trace. Thanks, Dan
  13. drdancan

    A little bit country.

    Just something the better half and I did today. We have been playing with the LaserPoint for a couple of months now and it has worked well, no problems so far. This was our first attempt at layering and it went ok using Corel and Signcut. We have SignBlazer but just have not gotten as comfortable with it. Thanks for all the help here on the forums. :thanks:
  14. Looks like you do not have the blade holder seated properly. With it that high the rubber o ring at bottom of blade holder is not functioning. Hopefully I got a picture attached for you.
  15. drdancan

    Heat Press

    I agree that heat presses are not complicated. 400 shirts later the 15 X 15 three month old China press I have is working just fine. I have seen this same press on some of the suppliers sites that has been rebranded and a bit higher price. ebay works for me. I too was curious about the wooden heat presses on eBay. Think I will buy one just for a backup. Dan