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  1. HtsNstr21

    Cutter Stops Cutting

    where would that cable connect to? my pcut ctn630 doesnt have a DB9 input. im confused about why i need this cable.
  2. HtsNstr21

    Cutter Stops Cutting

    heres the file primerica.SBD primerica.SBD
  3. HtsNstr21

    Cutter Stops Cutting

    heres the file. i finally finished it and put up the sign. it looked really good. however, i wasted a lot of time and material. having to do it one line at a time. the long lines i had to do in sections ex.("From General Electric Assurance Company") i had to do half the sentece first then the other half. Pcut CTN 630 tried it at 50, 60 and 70 with same results. sometimes it worked best at 70 though. Sign Blazer elements. release 6.0.21 (12/December/2007) (not sure what FTDI driver is.) it is very consistent. i had the same problem with another file but for some reason it worked at a different speed. yes it has happened with other files at the same exact point in the cut.
  4. HtsNstr21

    Cutter Stops Cutting

    how will the RS232 Serial cable help? what does it do?
  5. HtsNstr21

    Cutter Stops Cutting

    ok today i tried cutting only one line at a time. as opposed to sending all the lines to cut at the same time and it worked fine. however, i had to scroll the vinyl back each time to the original position (time consuming). i'm using the hpgl driver.
  6. HtsNstr21

    Cutter Stops Cutting

    i have a pcut ctn630. i dont see where i would connect that thing. do u have a picture u can post on how u connected it?
  7. HtsNstr21

    Cutter Stops Cutting

    i've been having the same problem. my cutter stops in the middle of a job. it cuts about 3 words then it just goes to 'WAITING' i have made similar cuts and it does ok but sometimes it just wont finish the cut. i'm really getting frustrated. i have a window lettering job i need to get done and i get even get all my letters cut!
  8. HtsNstr21

    window sign pricing

    yea thats what most people been saying but the letters have to be black to comply with the company standards. i suggested white myself. the good thing is that there are white blinds and its meant to be seen from close not from far away. so they should be okay. would $250 be okay for everything?
  9. hey guys i'm working on a window sign and two street advertisments for a client. the window is 4ft wide x 6ft high and he wants about 18 lines of text from top to bottom. the two signs are 3ft wide x 17 inches in height and he wants the company logo on them in 8 inch letters. i've never done a this kind of job so i have no idea how much to charge. any ideas? i read a few of the other posts on this but i'm still not sure what to charge cus the other posts involved other factors. any help would be appreciated thanks. i tried attaching a jpeg of the image he want on the window.
  10. HtsNstr21

    Cut my first Decal

    what kinda vinyl did u use. because i dont i think i would of liked weeding that with the vinyl i'm using. would have been a headache. awesome design though.
  11. HtsNstr21

    x box 360 faceplate

    very nice
  12. cool, i changed them and made a cut of the same image. it didnt seem to make a difference on the quality of the cut or on the scale.
  13. so what settings do u guys have on the X/Y_ scale. does it make a difference what the numbers are?
  14. yea i checked it out but the manual is confusing. i dont know about yours but i dont think the person that wrote it speaks english to well.
  15. i tried it but it didnt make a difference eighther way.