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    Contour cutting

    I originally bought that cutter. It doesn't have the laser eye , so no contour cutting that I'm aware of. Laser point 3 or Titan has contour cutting.
  2. Hello everyone, I just purchased a Laser point 3 with arms and Vinylmaster pro. I can't figure out contour cutting/ print and cut. I have tried to calibrate my cutter using the Vinylmaster software and nothing. The blade doesn't move when I try to adjust the on-screen offset controls in calibration. So far I have not had a successful ARMS calibration with pen tool yet. I've watched multiple videos and some how when I print things the cutter still isn't reading the registration marks properly. I have tried repositioning my material on top of the registration marks, just inside the marks and just outside the marks and it still isn't cutting right. At this point I'm uncertain if I'm positioning my material wrong or not and I don't know how to calibrate my cutter so that when I print images on heat transfer paper, the blade will cut precisely on the contour lines outline on-screen. If ANYONE has had these problems please HELP!