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  1. Sir Naggedalot

    MH Contour mod

    I'd love to see the cnc'ed mount, I'm looking at modding mine so I can print with sharpies easier.
  2. I hope everyone is trying to find the positives in this difficult time. I'm trying to produce these posters for our local bins as where most other people are locked down over here and not allowed to work, our bin men are still hard at it so as a thank you I'm producing these but the fill option isn't filling! Here's the file,any help would be really gratefully received. Thanks again and take care everyone....
  3. Sir Naggedalot

    Minimum amount of movement

    I agree that it would be cleaner to type rather than vectorise ,but I wonted it to be the exact format that we have been using in our local group and I was only supplied a jpeg. I've had this issue with .svg files that have only been composed using text and the real issue comes when Ive tried cutting reverse graffiti stencils out of window film as the wide movement ranges cause some of the cuts to lift, which then fouls the blade holder as it makes its numerous passes. I used to use sign blazer,this had a option to limit the carriage movement and materiel movement. Maybe I'll have to dig it out and use this for difficult to cut materials. Thanks everyone for all your time and help,its very much appreciated. Onwards and upwards,fellow beings!
  4. Sir Naggedalot

    Minimum amount of movement

    Thanks for the input/advice. I tried this option at its lowest setting , I does limit the movement slightly,but hasn't stopped the random selection issue I've been encountering.
  5. Sir Naggedalot

    Minimum amount of movement

    Hello, I hope this message finds you all well, in these troubled times. I'm producing some a4 size viynl posters with a sharpie on my mh721 using flexisign. I've vectored the bitmap using the centre line option and it looks pretty good for what I need but despite setting the optimze cutting order distance to 0.5cm in the cut/plot window, the plot is still slower than I think it could be as the plotter is tracking over itself. Any advice on how to speed it up without increasing the speed of the plotter from 120mm/s I'd be grateful to hear from you. Kindest Regards and Best wishes for the future, to one and all. VID_20200319_234451.mp4 com cor19 pos.fs
  6. Sir Naggedalot

    Having problems with a fill I'm trying to achieve.

    Fantastic,I'll find that and try it right away. Thanks very much indeed for your help and time,its very much appreciated.
  7. Hello I hope this message finds you all well. II'm trying to fill the image shown by using various colored permanent marker pens but the dark blue comes out as a big blob (technical term I know) rather than just a outline. This is a problem as the lighter pens will not show up. The part by the light saber and around his hood is just the outline, where as under the face,shirt and rose its solid. But despite reading on this forum and the manual I'm stumped! Any advice would be very gratefully received.
  8. Sir Naggedalot

    Over Lapping and centers being filled,when using the fill option.

    Thanks for the info Wildgoose. I had a fiddle with the compound settings and its something else I need to master as the circle does come out as a solid under certain settings,but it turns out this wasn't the problem. What the problem turned out to be was I hadn't Selected the Weld Option in the cut/fill window that comes up just before you send it to the production manager. So simple but yet so frustrating! I'll post a screen shot later and a short vid when I get home from work.
  9. Hello, I hope this message finds you really well. I have been getting to grips with the Flexisign10 program and while I've been getting the hang of some basic aspects, I have a problem that I can't solve when it comes to the fill plot option in the Cut/Plot window. The problem I have is when I select the fill plot option the center of the P or O (counter?) is filled and then filled again as the body (bowl?) is filled. This is also the case when I have graphics that need filling with counters in them also. I have uploaded a couple of videos that show the problem I am encountering and any advice would be very much appreciated as I'm at a loss as to solve this issue! Since seeing the state of the rollers I have cleaned them! The missing parts of the cut plot is because of the force setting being to low I think, as I increased it and it worked fine? Thanks for any help that may be forthcoming. Kindest Regards and best wishes to you all. fill plot.mp4 outline cut.mp4
  10. Sir Naggedalot

    Hello Fellow Beings... :0)

    Also, need to make sure it's not advertising a service, visible from a public highway in a moving vehicle and defacing some monuments might find you falling foul of the law, but as far as I know, there have not been any successful prosecutions in the UK. Our public libraries need all the help they can get so let me know if you need any help with that one.
  11. Sir Naggedalot

    Hello Fellow Beings... :0)

    Reverse as in you clean the surface of dirt to leave an image behind. It's not permanent as the grime soon comes back! Not my company as I only work for fun when it comes to reverse graffiti but gives you the gist of things. Heres my cobbled together set up I use.
  12. Sir Naggedalot

    Hello Fellow Beings... :0)

    I might give it a try then, thanks for your help and time.
  13. Sir Naggedalot

    Hello Fellow Beings... :0)

    Thanks for the heads up, have you ever heard of the software being corrupted by removing the dongle as I dont have the instal disks or files I dont want to risk it if thete is a chance of the software being fubr. The guy I brought it off did say it was damaged so not to take it out of the hub but it was ok to unplug the hub but not to run the program without it being plugged in as I seem to remember him alluding that it would crash/disable/corrupt the program. Everthing had been dropped down a set of stairs at his office so was in quite a sorry state!
  14. Sir Naggedalot

    Hello Fellow Beings... :0)

    It has a usb Dongle but no disks so Im unsure if its legit bu it did update or at least contacted sia when I first booted it up so hopefully, it is! Im using it to print reverse Grafitti stencils so its working fine for now. Now I've said that Im betting its going to crash and never work again,just my luck! Having trouble getting the fill option to work but I'm still digging into the forum posts so I don't ask a question that's been answered already as I know whats like from other forums!
  15. Sir Naggedalot

    Hello Fellow Beings... :0)

    Nothing pesky about that. If you do make it back , give me a shout and I will show you a whistle-stop tour of Southampton :0)