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  1. Thanks for the replies! I find this topic both interesting and terrifying. LOL
  2. So for all of you that have been around here for awhile... how do you, what procedures do you take to make sure you avoid copyright / trademark issues? I'm looking for more than just if you see it out there it's copyrighted and can't do it. If that's the case it seems like you wouldn't be able to make anything. I think the confusing part for some of us that are newer is what is the line and where does it get drawn. For example, I want to do custom T-shirts. I'm pretty sure with a little digging I could find every word, phrase or saying under the sun on a T-shirt somewhere. Where does that leave me? It's crystal clear that I can't use the Ford emblem or Mickey Mouse but what about a shirt that says "Blessed & Highly Favored" or "Mom's Time to Wine"? I'm certainly not trying to advocate for copyright/trademark infringement here but trying to understand this topic a little better and do things above the board.
  3. Wilson

    Did Prices Go Up?

    The price also might change depending on color. That might be why they have the "Configure Product" button. And then there's also times where the manufacturer fixes the price you can advertise their product so you have to add it to the cart to see the price.
  4. Wilson

    The Coolest Weeding Tool EVER!

    Wildgoose, you got a link to them? I prefer tweezers as well but the couple pair I have can be lacking in the grip department. And searching Amazon for something like this can be a nightmare...
  5. Wilson

    Lighted Box Sign Help

    LOL... I can imagine!
  6. Wilson

    Lighted Box Sign Help

    Thanks for the replies! So is the material for the sign face just white plexiglass or is there a particular type to use? Doing a little research online there seems to be quite a few different types ranging in price from about $100 up to over $800. Not being familiar with the different types it's hard to know exactly what I'm looking at.
  7. Wilson

    Lighted Box Sign Help

    So the lighted box sign on the business next to the gym my wife goes to looks horrible. What is the proper way to re-do a sign like this? As simple as removing the old lettering, clean & replace with some Oracal 951? I'm reletively new to this so what's everyone's thoughts / insight? The sign is probably 3' x 8'.
  8. Wilson

    Help needed

    Did you get the VinylMaster activation released from your stolen PC and moved to your new PC? Doesn't VM install and allow you to use the program in some kind of trial mode but won't cut until it's activated?
  9. I'd probably start with figuring out how many hours per week you need and then asking them if they're interested and if so, how much would they need to earn. You might be surprised at their number, either high or low. They could be bored, have lots of time and not care about the money and want to just do it for a little fun money. Or they may not really want to do it, but if the price is right... Once you know what they need to make you can determine if it's worth it to you for them to do it. It's kinda hard to just give a number without knowing all the details and the P&L of your business like you do.
  10. Wilson

    Vinyl colors

    Here's some thoughts from a fairly newby... If this is your first cutter (assume it is by your questions) then I would not buy the bundle pack and I would not buy 24" wide either. 6" or 12" is easier to handle & store (until you get going and figure out both the cutter & your work area). I'd go to the clearance section and buy some Greenstar or Oracal 651 in whatever color is cheapest. Use this to get things setup and practice with and then you won't be so worried about using the good stuff. Then after you have some experience and know what you're going to be making, then switch to 24" rolls if needed.
  11. MZ SKEETER, care to elaborate or speak in general terms about the subject? I'm very curious what the laws are, what's just good business practices and what people's experiences are so as not to get myself into the same situation.
  12. Wilson

    SC2 Bunching vinyl Help!

    Here's what I do and it's worked pretty good so far. Pic is 15" Easyweed Stretch loaded with the edge of vinyl about even with the blade with the carriage all the way to right side. Three rollers spaced evenly. The two on the outside are positioned so that the edge of the plastic that holds the wheel is about 1/8" - 1/4" inside from the edge of the vinyl. I then set my origin about 1" in from side and at least that from the leading edge. Also when I'm loading I try to make sure the vinyl is "tight" left to right when I put the rollers down. Since the Stretch has such a flimsey carrier I don't want to induce any wrinkles. I also try not to cut any long, straight cuts within a couple inches of the edge. As a side note that might help others... that piece of green tape on the left marks the gap between the grit rollers so it's easy to not put the pinch roller there.
  13. Wilson

    Easyweed vs. Easyweed Stretch

    Thanks for the replies! I was hoping that was the case that you could use stretch on everything you can use regular.
  14. So other than the obvious that stretch is made to stretch more, what are the reasons for using one vs the other? Can you just use stretch for everything (even if it's not stretchy athletic wear)? Thanks, Chad