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  1. I'd probably start with figuring out how many hours per week you need and then asking them if they're interested and if so, how much would they need to earn. You might be surprised at their number, either high or low. They could be bored, have lots of time and not care about the money and want to just do it for a little fun money. Or they may not really want to do it, but if the price is right... Once you know what they need to make you can determine if it's worth it to you for them to do it. It's kinda hard to just give a number without knowing all the details and the P&L of your business like you do.
  2. Wilson

    Metal substrates and how do you charge?

    Pain In A...
  3. Wilson

    Vinyl colors

    Here's some thoughts from a fairly newby... If this is your first cutter (assume it is by your questions) then I would not buy the bundle pack and I would not buy 24" wide either. 6" or 12" is easier to handle & store (until you get going and figure out both the cutter & your work area). I'd go to the clearance section and buy some Greenstar or Oracal 651 in whatever color is cheapest. Use this to get things setup and practice with and then you won't be so worried about using the good stuff. Then after you have some experience and know what you're going to be making, then switch to 24" rolls if needed.
  4. MZ SKEETER, care to elaborate or speak in general terms about the subject? I'm very curious what the laws are, what's just good business practices and what people's experiences are so as not to get myself into the same situation.
  5. Wilson

    SC2 Bunching vinyl Help!

    Here's what I do and it's worked pretty good so far. Pic is 15" Easyweed Stretch loaded with the edge of vinyl about even with the blade with the carriage all the way to right side. Three rollers spaced evenly. The two on the outside are positioned so that the edge of the plastic that holds the wheel is about 1/8" - 1/4" inside from the edge of the vinyl. I then set my origin about 1" in from side and at least that from the leading edge. Also when I'm loading I try to make sure the vinyl is "tight" left to right when I put the rollers down. Since the Stretch has such a flimsey carrier I don't want to induce any wrinkles. I also try not to cut any long, straight cuts within a couple inches of the edge. As a side note that might help others... that piece of green tape on the left marks the gap between the grit rollers so it's easy to not put the pinch roller there.
  6. Wilson

    Easyweed vs. Easyweed Stretch

    Thanks for the replies! I was hoping that was the case that you could use stretch on everything you can use regular.
  7. So other than the obvious that stretch is made to stretch more, what are the reasons for using one vs the other? Can you just use stretch for everything (even if it's not stretchy athletic wear)? Thanks, Chad
  8. Wilson

    Help Please!

    Darcshadow for the win! It was the opacity that was set to zero. What a PITA... I don't know how it got set that way, it was at 100% one day and 0% the next. Thanks for the help. dcbevins, thanks for the tips on the stroke color/width.
  9. Wilson

    Help Please!

    Thanks for the replies, I'll try that tonight when I get home. I don't think I'm inside a text box as I have used the selection tool to select the background before I use the rectangle/circle tool.
  10. Wilson

    Help Please!

    So my computer has been a little flakey lately and now for some reason I can't get rectangles or circles (maybe other stuff) to draw right. I opened a file I was working on previously and that's where the 2 circles cane from. When I try to draw a square all I get is a dashed outline. If I click outside of the square it looks like it disappears but if I highlight the area it selects it. What am I doing wrong here? Does the same thing for circles and it doesn't matter if I use an existing file or start from new. Any Inkscape users know what causes this?
  11. Wilson

    Advice regarding software and maybe hardware

    Sorry to hear about your sister... that's tough. I've never had to go through something like that so I can't imagine... Personally, I think that's a terrible idea. I tend to lean towards the conservative and sometimes pessimistic side, but what are you going to do if you exhaust all your resources and then need to buy more tools, or different material or like you said the transmission goes out on your car? Spending all of your savings is a good way to invite Murphy to show up with a big dose of life. LOL I'd probably spend no more than half and then make that equipment pay for upgrades and/or other types of equipment (ie. dye sublimation) unless you already have the demand to justify the equipment.
  12. Wilson

    Advice regarding software and maybe hardware

    As an AutoCAD option you might look into BricsCAD… the owners of the company at my day job detest the subscription model for software and have tried to move to this. It's close enough to AutoCAD that it's amazing they're not getting sued. They also have a 30 day free trial. I'm by no means as experienced at vinyl and/or business as the others commenting on this thread but here's my thoughts on how I would approach things: Instead of making 20 of an item (your skull for example) and then trying to sell them, why not make 1 and then take that one and try to sell 20 of them and then make them as they sell. Obviously you're going to need some amount of working capital but this way you won't get all of your capital tied up in merchandise that's not moving and then have to fire sale it just to recoup a little money to keep things going. I would do the opposite and focus on Inkscape. It seems like most are using something like Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw for the "work" part and then exporting/importing into their cutting software to send it to the cutter. Since your budget seems to be a concern, I would learn and use Inkscape, which is free, and then use whatever software that comes with the cutter you select just to cut... unless you can determine that there isn't another way besides spending hundreds of dollars on software to do what you want to do. Having recently gone through the process of getting cutter here was my thought process: I got the SC2/heat press bundle that came with 20+ 12x15 sheets of HTV for $535 so I saved $100 or more off buying these items separately. By the time I added in a few squeegees, cutting mat, weeding tweezers, exacto, 12" x 10' Oracal 651, 3" & 12" GreenStar transfer tape and an assortment of discounted sign vinyl to practice with I was at $700. What I found is that while an $1800 Graphtec and $2000 heat press are awesome they are not required to get started and make money. So my philosophy is I'm going to get the best my budget will allow and then force it to pay for better equipment down the road, whether that's 1 month, 6 months or a year +.
  13. Wilson

    Advice regarding software and maybe hardware

    Haven't read all the other replies but here's my thoughts, at least on the cutter. I recently bought an SC2. While I'm sure it's screaming loud compared to a servo unit, I don't think it's all that bad and is quieter than I expected. If you go by the specs on the USCutter website for the SC2 and the LP3, they both have .005 inch (.127mm) resolution and they're both steppers. Unless I'm missing something, I don't see any advantage to the LP3 accuracy wise. And the price of the SC2 right now at $339 is a great deal as well.
  14. Wilson

    show your picture

    Only been there once but it was fantastic!!!
  15. Wilson

    show your picture

    Here's one of me & the wife from late last summer.