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  1. Yes, that is how I make sure the sheet is straight. I've been doing this for 8 years, this is just my first "automatic" registration cutter.
  2. SO I got a Titan 3 SE a few days ago and I mostly do print and cut, contour cut stuff. I have a Titan 1 that I was using for this and it was fine (using the laser to set the registration marks)... so the Titan 3 has ARMS and that was supposed to cut my workflow down a ton... so on and so forth. Well I can't get the thing the cut accurately. I'll print out let's say 100 3" x 5" rectangles, 5 to a row, 20 deep. The Titan scans the barcode, loads the job, and gets to work. The first row is cut perfectly, then the issues start at the second row. It will cut too high (towards the front) about .5mm and then goes up from every row after that. By the time it's in the middle, it's a good 2mm off. If you let it run without doing any adjustments, it will get back on track and the last couple of rows will be closer and then the last row is perfect. I try this same thing with just 50 rectangles (5 to a row, 10 deep) and it is the same outcome. Using VinylMaster and I have calibrated the ARMS offset and Laser about 100 times, it's dead on when doing the tests and/or practice cuts. The vinyl is being loaded straight (no issues with left to right). I called USCutter support and they said to make sure some options were unchecked (they weren't even on in the first place) so that wasn't the issue (for reference, they said "Tight Packing", "Force Position", and "Preserve Cutting Order" but again they were never on to begin with). Anyone have any clues as to why this is happening? At this point I'll try anything. This ARMS stuff was supposed to make my life so much easier but all it's done so far is cost me money.
  3. I have a Titan 3 SE 68" and it does the same thing... did you ever find out how to fix it?