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    VinylExpress R series

    thanks a lot, i'll give it a shot and see what I figure out
  2. CantCut

    VinylExpress R series

    Dakotagrafx, thanks.. i'm giving signcut pro a shot at the moment, looked like someone said it might be usable with corel draw? I was given a box with "everything it needs" but unfortunately the software wasn't actually in it..or I haven't found it yet, appreciate the help.. hopefully I can figure it out
  3. I recently pulled out my Vinyl Express R series for the first time, it was given to me by my Mom. I assumed it would just be plug and play, but so far I haven't been able to do anything and it seems like any link to software I might be able to use with it doesn't exist anymore. If someone could please give me some sort of information on where to start it would be greatly appreciated, I'm running windows 10..not sure what other information would be helpful other than I have no experience with any of this.