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  1. 2 hours ago, MZ SKEETER said:

    so what are your settings.. What is the blade offset?  It should be zero. How did you set your blade depth?    I have heard not to use condition 1, as it is for pen..  I have never used Graphtec Studio...Try a different software,  even a trial  like Signcut and see if it is the software.   Make sure pinch rollers are over the bottom grit rollers, so the vinyl is feeding right. 


    Interesting observation on the condition! I have always been using #1 but upon reading your comment I went to view some of the videos on graphtec studios site and noticed #2 always being the one they have selected. I have always had #2 set as my pen so I am certainly going to try changing this to see if it helps with my tails and nicks!

  2. So I finally got around to trying out the new blade and while it does cut better I am still experiencing this on some spots. Have you found a fix to yours? For some reason on a couple curves it doesn't finish the cut all the way or the cut goes into the letter/number slightly taking out a little nick.


    On 2017-03-15 at 8:07 PM, Ballistic said:

    Recently got a Graphtec FC8600, Been awhile since i have had to setup a new plotter and im having a little trouble getting it dialed in when cutting.

    Got it pretty close but its still off, see the images attached.

    Do i need to keep adjusting the blade holder (more or less blade showing? Or is it going to be a setting on the machine (like offset)?


    Thanks in advanced!








  3. Hello,

    My name is Dustyn and i'm new to the community. I have a graphtec ce-6000 that I picked up last fall because I was very interested in creating my own decals after being a buyer for many years. I am part of a couple groups that also had members always asking where they can get some so that kinda pushed me over the edge to purchase a plotter. Mostly I have been learning from the odd youtube video here and there as well as trial and error but haven't joined a forum until now to expand my learning curve. I look forward to the many pages of reading I have ahead of me and the tips/tricks (as well as mistakes) this community offers.