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  1. Thanks mfatty500. That is exactly what I was coming here to update. What I needed to do was go onto a PC, install the driver and then install the firmware. Then update the hardware (cutter) According to the guys over at Graphtec, they did not have firmware to run to the cutter on a Mac OX 10.12. So this was the only way. In the end I had to put on the PC hat just to update the cutter and then switched right back to the Mac to print/cut from.
  2. Thanks Dakotagrafx for taking the time to try to help! While my job is not major (helping out make Dr. Seuss signs for the kids school's festival for tomorrow) I appreciate you taking time out of your day to pass on info.
  3. I am using a Mac. I did not see any drivers for the Mac on the Graphtec site. Did I miss something?
  4. Hi! I am am new here because I have a problem that I just can't seem to fix. I have read all over this forum and different forums on how to fix this problem and I just can't seem to get it to work. So here is my issue: I am working with Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 and it informed me that I needed to upgrade to Cutting Master 3. NBD, I downloaded the plugin and moved it to the "Plug In" section of my AI folder. I opened AI, selected my art and opened up the newly downloaded CM3. No problem. However I can not get it to sync at all. It just sits there syncing and never actually syncs. So according to everything I read, I reset the software in my computer to the factory reset. I then reset the actual cutter (turned on the machine while holding the UP arrow). I changed the setting from HL to GL in the Command heading on the actual machine. I have restarted both my computer and the plotter every single time. But still it is not syncing. I have also reattached cords and such. I know the computer is talking to the cutter since when I open the CM3 software my cutter makes a noise every single time. So there is some communication happening. But just not any cutting. AHHHHH!!!!! I need some help! Any ideas on what to do next? I am desperate! My job is due first thing tomorrow and I have nothing!!!!!