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  1. Hi all. I'm having a problem with my VE-Q75 Cutter. It's just started happening out of nowhere. The cutter assembly part sounds rough sometimes when moving, and eventually jogs to a stop with the Y Position Alarm popping up. I then have to turn it off, and back on, and it will happen again when trying to align itself with the rollers. It's also making a sort of grinding noise sometimes. Here is a couple vids I took of the problem. The one error I got as well was 'Realign Rollers' but they seemed to be lined up correctly. Moved them around a bit, and back to the Y Position Error. Anybody have any ideas what I can do? I've searched around the web last night and found a few posts similar, but nothing that has worked for me so far. Going to be trying a few more things now but toss me any info you have! Dropbox Link 1 Dropbox Link 2 Dropbox Link 3 Edit 1: I removed the plastic cover by the cutter ( image attached ) and now for some reason, it's working just fine. I've ran quite a few batches with the panel removed and not had one issue.
  2. Doliz

    USCutter 15x15 Swing Away Press

    Yeah I didn't til recent either @88x. It's basically like Skype, but very lightweight and secure, and not full of bloatware like skype. I've just been looking for folks who like to chat about this stuff, or various other subjects
  3. Doliz

    USCutter 15x15 Swing Away Press

    Thanks a lot. I will probably purchase that as well @88x . You wouldn't happen to have the messaging program Telegram would you?
  4. How is this thing? I noticed it's currently on sale, I'm not looking to spend a lot on a heat press, but I want to start doing some T-Shirts that will be decent. I just finished buying all the parts for a new workhorse PC today so a lot of money went towards that. Thanks
  5. I've recently got a Vinyl Express Q-75 and I've been slowly adding decals to my online shops (I already sell things online fairly well) so decals was right up my alley considering I already was doing some vector designing for my other half of the business. Eventually I plan on adding T-shirts and clothing as well. But my main goal is by this time next year, to save almost all of my vinyl cutting sales, and tax season next year get a nice wide format full color printer (which I will have a lot of research to do on that later as well for which one). But, until that day comes, do I have some options to do smaller full color vinyl decals? Say, with my normal 8.5'' x 11'' color printer on small sheets of white vinyl, and then use my cutter to cut those shapes out? Or will I be pretty much held to basically single color vinyl decals until I can save up thousands for the wide color printer? Thanks in advance for any tips.
  6. Doliz

    Help me decide a software

    Thanks for the info. I downloaded the VM Cut demo and it looks like it's actually pretty good for cutting, has all the nifty features. It seems to really lack in the designing and clip art, text options, graphical department which is fine with me. I'll be doing a bit more research into it (I finally got SignBlazer working good, for now) but almost $300 on software is a bit much for where I am at this point. I more or less just got this machine out of a good trade, and am going to be adding it to my already going 3D Printing business. I've also been dabbling with the Signcut Trial as well, but it just doesn't seem like as smooth as a gui as the VM Cut had.
  7. Doliz

    Help me decide a software

    I had tried but was unable to adjust it. I'll give it another shot here in a bit, I'm pretty new to this machine so I'm sure I just pressed the wrong buttons.
  8. Doliz

    It's a sad day

    Where can I get them for when I need new blades? I'm just getting into the scene myself. I have one spare blade that came with my stuff.
  9. I recently got a Vinyl Express Q-75. I'm pretty new to the whole cutting scenario, I've tried cutting a few things with SignBlazer, and I can get it to work, kind of. With the HotShot demo it works great, but it always adds a square filled with other squares on top of my design and cuts that out as well. The Elements version, I'm unable to adjust the speed settings. If there is a way to disable the software cut/speed settings...let me know. I'm currently also trying the SignCut trial. It seems to be working alright. But honestly I probably won't spend $400 on it, or that much on any software, at least at my current situation. I don't need a software that also designs as I am already good with graphic design work in Photoshop and illustrator (Preferred), and such. I was recommended by a friend to get the $60 Vinyl Master Cut Program. Any tips or info would be appreciated. I'm all set up, got a bunch of material and tape, and now I'm confused on finding a decent software that just works with my designs.
  10. Doliz

    Is this a decent vinyl cutter?

    Thanks for the reply @Dakotagrafx . I'll let you know how it all turns out when I get it, and I'm sure I will be around the forum a lot as well.
  11. Doliz

    Cutter transport

    Where do you travel to? Also I messaged you.
  12. I have the chance to get a Vinyl Express Q-75 for roughly $400 from a friend. I don't know much about these, but I did always want to eventually add stuff like this into my business (Graphic design and printing, etc). I can't find a whole lot of into on it online though. Thanks in advance.