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    Thanks, I found a similar font I just add in the swirls as needed. I made a decal for our laundry room.
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    Here from their website PSN Forms Deactivate Software | Retrieve PSN | Clear PSN Request | Transfer License http://www.iifuture.com/shared/forms/en/fcl_forms/Ord_Activation_Clear_01_FC.htm
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    Done and Done. I have both my LP and Graphtec running in SBE via Parallels. I can also have the Graphtec cut straight from the Mac side too. Depending on what your budget is - I'd go Graphtec. It took me years to want to put more money into another cutter, especially since my LP was chugging along just fine, but WOW! What a HUGE difference. Now the LP is collecting dust and never gets to see the light day. If you can't afford a new Graphtec, then find a working used one!
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    I thought you could use Bootcamp, Parallels, etc on a Mac, so you could use Windows devices on a Mac. I would just step up to a Graphtec and be done with it. They are Windows, /Mac.
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    lol - I remember my p-cut teaching me lots of it's quirks, ahh the old days that makes me appreciate the graphtec now. go on vacation for 3 weeks and come back and everything works right away as it should.
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    That's a good deal. If I were you I would make some notes on what steps you took so you can look them back up if you don't cut regularly.
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    Went back to cadworx, fiddled around, lo and behold the cutting gods rescued me. YES!!!! I cut out to of my old artwork images. Please don't ask me how I did it, I had to rasterise one image, but the next one I just wireframed it , sent it to vector cut , and it cut perfectly. I guess somebody up there likes me.
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    I will follow up on this. Thank you to all that took time to reply. I bought a Graphtec CE Lite-50 for the guy on ebay. I spent most of the day setting it up and I am very happy with it. It is a quality piece and works great. It has a 130 page owners Manuel so I have lots to learn. I look forward to downloading the Graphtec Pro and learn that program, I hope it has more to offer than VM Letter. A gain Thank you for the Help. Bill
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    Yup, the lessons are the part you do not want to miss before going to the good stuff.
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    If the dealership has used decals on their vehicles before, then they already have an idea of the price they're willing to pay and are probably looking for a deal. You can always ask them what they've paid in the past and then see if you can, or even want to, beat that price. i have customers tell me they'd like me to do their decals because i'm reliable and fast. if they have order from someone else before, i will ask them what they've paid in the past. if it's a ridiculously outdated low number, i will them that it is and what an average shop will charge them now days. they usually complain about having communication issues with other companies, or missed deadlines. if i am willing to beat the price, i'll give them a price. if i'm not, then i point them in the other direction. if they're a difficult customer, then i don't bother quoting at all.
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    I don't know about anyone else, but even though I pretty much only cut with 651, pressure is partially determined by color and age of the vinyl. There's a 'happy medium' setting that i can typically use, but when changing to black or white, or some old vinyl - I always make sure to use the test button on my cutter because it's the quickest and easiest way for me to test the settings, and it has very minimal waste.
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    If you're cutting from rolled vinyl - it will usually feed pretty straight if you have equal tensions when setting down the pinch rollers. If it's still going askew, or if you're feeding it a sheet - use the tick marks on the roller and jog your vinyl back and forth through the cut window and watch which way your vinyl is drifting. I till will be pretty obvious quickly and then you can lift just ONE pinch roller and nudge it just a bit, then hold the vinyl in place and do a quick lift and down of the pinch roller(s). jog the vinyl again. keep on doing that until you get the degree of "straightness" coming through the jogging that meets your standards. If it's drifting off of a roller, then do the same thing to align for straightness, but make sure that you pull enough slack off the roller before cutting so that the pinch rollers will not be tugged by any tension from the roll of vinyl. Good luck.
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    Forget using rulers. My Graphtec doesn't even have rulers and it feeds straight. What I do, is make sure the pinch rollers are the same distance, from the edge of the vinyl. When I get real picky, I use a tape measure and measure like 1 1/4" from each wheel to edge of vinyl. I don't know how many pinch rollers your cutter has, but my 30" Graphtec only has 2 and feeds perfect. My cutter has a prefeed option on it. And I always prefeed the vinyl for long cuts. It actually puts the roller marks in the vinyl, so that the cutter follows those marks when I cut my design. Those pinch roller marks don't hurt a thing. Always prefeed the entire length of the order and have the vinyl laying to the back of the machine, never pulling on the roll while cutting. Make sure the vinyl roll is straight on the cutter and behind the cutter. I put my hand inside the roll and make sure it is tight under the pinch rollers, You can see if the vinyl is even across. If yours does not have a prefeed option then use the arrows of your machine to prefeed the vinyl back and forth.
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    actually slice - graphtec has different blade holders that have red and blue caps - the cb009u that most of us use are the blue standard blade holder with a blue adjustment knob on the top the cb015u is for a thicker blade used for things like thick sandblast resist (thinner can be cut with the cb009u) and has a red adjustment cap - unlike the protective caps you show on the roland blades when they are shipped - - - http://www.graphtecamericastore.com/blade-holders/
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    LOL, that's what I said, but didn't want wear out my old keyboard. Again, LOL
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    PNG files are a "new" type of bitmap, so you can simply open the files with MS paint and save them as bmp. You'll loose any transparency color but that shouldn't be an issue. You then import the bmp into signblazer and trace/vector it. Unfortunately, the vector capabilities of SB are not the best and I have never been happy with the results I got from it. I switched to using Inkscape to trace/vector the image and save the file as an eps, that can then be imported easily with SB.
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    Don't know, never used it. Maybe look at some of the newer software out there. If you have signblazer, you could goto inkscape for design and use blazer to run the cutter.
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    You can find online file converters, but a png is still a png. Maybe convert to jpeg and retrace them.
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    You do not mention which cutting software that your using, so guessing...Giving enough info to work with, is very important. Otherwise we can only guess. Not all errors have to do with the vinyl cutter directly. Many problems do exist from wrong settings in the cutting software. All settings have to be correct, as well as keeping the design inside of the sized layout, when you select your design to send to the vinyl cutter. Is your cutting mat in your cutting software sized big enough to fit all 3 designs into? Try this below, If using Vinyl Master software. Go into the Vinyl Spooler, and from the "Settings" menu, ensure that "Force Position" is NOT selected. Also make sure that the vinyl is only about 1 inch from the far right side of the vinyl cutter.
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    We know your story, and your many GUEST names. So you finally signed up. And what your describing makes no sense. The cutter cannot cut any deeper than what you have the blade depth set at. If you set the blade depth correctly. It cannot cut any deeper. I have posted hundreds of times on here how to set the blade depth correctly. I just posted it again today. Post above. Sounds like too much blade exposed out of the blade holder. You should just barely see and feel the blade tip out of the blade holder. The correct combination is less blade, more force. the blade cuts vinyl with the very tip of the blade. That is all that it needs. Also check out the teflon cutting strip, make sure there are no scratches or gouges.
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    Hmm... I suspect that the file you're trying to import may not be a vector. I'm not sure why you're seeing a blank tile - even if you import a raster image, the image will typically display, you just can't cut it. What type of file are you trying to import? Usually when I use the File > Import function, after selecting my file, SBE will show a small pop-up window that will give me a choice of Import Mode.
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    https://www.hotronix.com/blue-ribbon-support Says support 24/7/365 Call 800-727-8520 for support.
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    2 things I would check - I had a member on here say they couldn't use their latex for shirts - -- - I never looked into that part 2 plan on having an electrician run the new line for the HP latex - they don't just plug into the wall like the solvents do compare the 2 side by side at a show for how the colors pop. a friend that does installs for a living always said he loved installing the latex materials on walls etc but when he bought his own machine it was a roland eco solvent for what that is worth
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    if you are the original owner purchasing from them they will help as long as you have the product - if you purchased second hand that is a different story - if you did purchase from them give them a call. PS it is a plotter and not a printer - they do not function the same. IF your flexi 12 is legit call SAI and they will help you too - they are great to work with
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    I have a Graphtec, so settings are a little bit different. My speed is set to 15 (64 is max speed) and a force of 30 (31 is max force) with a 60 degree CleanCut blade. My 651 vinyl setting is speed 8 and force 10. I use a dedicated blade and blade holder for PhotoTex with the blade sticking out just a hair more than with regular vinyl.