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    Customer's attitude often dictates prices for me - that includes their attitude that my time is not as important as theirs. If they're a problematic customer just trying to set up an initial meet, I can only imagine what kind of customer they will be when it comes to picking-up the job and actually paying for it. I am not the only game in town, and it they do not like my prices, or my business hours - they can find someone else who will be more inclined to get their time wasted. I know, it's kind of a harsh way of looking at it, but a) I'm a hobbyist, that is willing to take the 'one-off' jobs what some shops won't; and b) I have yet to meet a job that pays so well, that I'm willing to accept the aggravation that goes along with any lack of respect for what I do, and my time to do it.
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    ohh the ink holds up good - the printer is around $13,000 just sold one last winter
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    "Loud" is not a word that goes with Graphtec machines. Servo motors are quiet. They are gliding along, not stepping. You can use 751, but most people use matte vinyls inside to avoid the glare of lights on it. It will be harder to remove later. It's your choice what you want to use. You can go on youtube and find videos of a Graphtec cutting vinyl, and hear how quiet they are.
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    Finally got around to getting this thing cutting last week, been having to fight the wife over the laptop usage so I just went out and bought a used old tower for cheap and it seems to be working well. I can say I'm truly amazed by the graphtec and was cutting within about 30 minutes of messing with the setting. Still learning but I've cut out a few plain text decals and they turned out great.
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    I started off as a hobbyist, and still consider myself a hobbyist. 10+ years ago I started off with an original LaserPoint (LP). Even as a hobbyist, I had word of mouth jobs and got that machine paid in a very short amount of time. Last year I picked up a Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus, haven't regretted it. It will take me a little longer to get this machine to pay for itself, but I know it will. The Graphtec is so much better, it actually makes me wish I bought it a lot sooner - it would have made some of my jobs a lot easier to get done. BTW - Nothing is wrong with my LP, just thought it was time to get a "back-up" machine since the LP is very well taken care of, but also getting old. Now the LP is my back-up machine Like Slice recommends - go directly to Graphtec. (Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just head straight for the right machine the first time out)
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    So I’m a big saints fan living in NY as some of you know and I couldn’t pass up this font I found in my illustrator. Love the font. Well without further ado I’m sure you’ll all get this if you watched any playoff football this season.
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    FYI if anyone is running a Mac and SCAL pro. I have a very fast Imac Pro and SCAL V5.009 pro was running very slow when typing text or moving objects around the screen. The fix is to right click on the SCAL 5 app icon and select more info. Then check the "open in low resolution" radio box (under General). This only effects on screen drawing or refresh. Does not effect output. Now running like V4 and 3 did (very fast and responsive)
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    .47 is kind of a big offset. set your blade depth correctly. slow the machine way down for those tiny 2mm circles.
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    I like to use a rotary cutter, and one of these for weeding.
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    White, black, red 651 - 4076rla application tape, squeegees and on the ruler that slice mentioned the safety rulers are a must for me - had a couple of cuts across the thumb before I learned there were worth it
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    Thanks everyone. I plan on ordering as soon as I can determine what supplies I think I may need to start out.
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    whew crazy I seen them as I'm bored a searching around. maybe one day lol good news is my hat press came today and wow the build of the hotronix is beautiful !
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    that is how the colorprint pu works with a transfer tape - all you need is a solvent printer!
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    I have an use Flexi and also have Mark's DVD. It was a big help to me when I was leaning Flexi. Doug
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    if possible go right for the graphtec ! I mean I started small and it became an addiction and I love what I do and continuing to grow daily. just bought a hat press without testing the waters. hey if it don't work Im into hats thats what I collect so I will just make myself a bunch worse comes to worse LOL. I know you said a hobby but believe me even as a hobby the graphtec will be great and the learning curve is extremely easy to overcome. DO IT YOU WONT REGRET IT. haha no pressure
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    Pro studio IS flexi.If you are finding it hard in the next week or 2, ya, probably a great deal.
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    I would also say that only the blue line is selected Using your photos, click the icon by the red arrow and it will fill the screen with your design By clicking and holding the the icon by the green arrow the fly out menu will show shapes (circle rectangle star) but on the end will be the registration marks. You can design with the flag horizontal but rotate it in the production manager by clicking the icon of the human figure under the blue arrow.
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    Inkscpae still uses it requires ps2pdf from Ghostscript, to open ps or eps. This converts it to PDF, then poppler converts the pdf to svg. You won't see this if p2spdf is missing, (included in Ghostscript.) I think you are right in that it is not needed writing ps or eps files. Saving eps uses some cario component. It is probably not the culprit here, but some strange loop of saving and opening again in Inkscape could cause grief if ghostscript were missing. Still can't say much with out SEEING the files.
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    I had good success with the jpss and 3g - on the solvent printer with colorprint pu worked great - just make sure you have enough work to print with it every other day and don't go on 3 week vacations - same thing with the heads clogging (not as bad as the DTG unless you get the white or silver option as they cause problems in both). if you have enough business to justify running the solvent printer every other day for as long as you own it I say go for that one. most people want a solvent printer because they perceive them as easy and cheap to run - do your research , visit trade shows and visit people in your area that own them - a printer sounds sexy until you start dumping money into it for lack of regular use. it is not like your home printer
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    Thanks for the input. I have fought this kind of thing before. I can understand getting a full 24" wide machine for not much more then the Silhouette. It makes sense. If this goes as well as I hope, I would then be looking at getting the Graphtec. I may just bite the vinyl bullet and go directly to the Graphtec. I'll have to think about it. Thanks again!
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    I have been using Main Tape, medium tack for many years, now. I never have complaints. I ship everything. MAIN Tape Is now owned by NEKOOSA. I purchase my Main Tape from a distributor out of Michigan.
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    The Graphtec is a CUT above...
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    Same here Dan. I just look at a design and I know what to price it. I don't figure anything. I know what it is worth to me. It either sells or it does not.
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    Fair enough, Sorry I did not give you an answer. I do have a copy of VM to try and learn however it's not here at my normal computer because I run a mac without a windows interface so I keep it on a computer at my day job. When I get time enough to spare I do some designs to gradually understand the program and hopefully help out. Not able to tell you off the cuff what steps to take to get to the color choice options. BUT I can tell you that I did quick search online and found these links. The first one is a link to a whole host of training videos. Then I just read down through them until I found the second one that seems to be what you are looking for at the moment. https://www.youtube.com/user/futurecorporation/videos Hope this helps. I don't know what you did for hours but I spent just a few minutes and was able to find these resources. Didn't mean to offend you but we get SOOO many people who post a question without searching at all and when you spend a few years on here trying to help out it gets frustrating when people won't take the effort to help themselves. We are all end users who have jobs and are trying to build our own files and offer our help to the new folks where and when we can. VM is a fairly new addition to the line-up so there are far less of us schooled on the in's and out's. I'm an Adobe Illustrator guy who can answer probably about any thing you come up with related to cutter designs in AI but I'm lacking in VM. Good day to you.
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    now ram init not mainboard problem just touch pad or cable problem you check that