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    A few weeks ago my wife's old desktop quit working. Thankfully, I keep up with our backups. After many tests I determined that the mother board was bad. I spent the next weeks shopping around for another unit with what she wanted for the right price. Today, during our weekly travels, we stopped by a local Thrift Store. They were having a huge sale so we started looking around. The first room I went in had a computer in it's original box, with a keypad and mouse. When I asked them if it worked I was told that if it was in a box, it was not tested. I took a gamble and bought it. Long story short, when I got home I hooked it up and it worked. It was not even password protected. It's an HP, Quad-core, 1TB hard drive, 6GB Ram, Light scribe DVD, and Windows 7 that was upgraded to Windows 10. Here's the kicker.The price sticker was $10.00. With the sale discount, they told me it would cost, with sales tax, $2.68. Yes, two dollars and sixty eight cents. Gotta love those Thrift Stores
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    MZ Skeeter... no worries... case closed. I got my logo and shirts are being print. FYI this is the design .. Me with a shark
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    The car club I am in, Pentastar Pride, is having their annual car show in July. The guy that owns the trophy shop that had been making their awards retired and closed up shop. So, someone had the idea to do Parking signs. My wife mentioned that I have plotter, so, I kind of got volunteered. I am doing them in trade for advertising of one of my websites. I had some nice stickers made up that I put on the back that say "This Award Sponsored By (My Website Address)". A couple of the club members are going to come over and help finish getting the vinyl onto the signs. I found the sign blanks on ebay for a really good price. They are 8"x12". The car show is a Mopar Car Show, but they decided to not turn away other makes. There will only be one "Best In Show" and that will go to a Mopar. There will be 20 1st and 2nd Place awards and they will go to Mopars. The black "Award Winner" signs will go to non-Mopars and there will only be one award per category. The proceeds raised from the car show is going to Alzheimer's research, so I really don't mind donating the cost of materials and about half the labor. That means that the club will have that much more to donate.
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    I buy the off brand inks for my daily printer. Just for printouts like receipts or other text, and drafts of a project mostly. Some times I am not sure if I come out ahead as it clogs more so more cleaning cycles. But the regular cartridges are 4x as much. That makes up for a lot of cleaning cycles.
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    A place I used to work used all Roland inks and never laminated. Decals for vehicles, signs, print directly on banner, all just raw. The inks held up just find with out added protection. Added some frog juice on occasion.
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    I kept an eye open for a few months till I found a great used neolt floor rotary trimmer years ago - love it and wife loves it. got it for under $200 shipped - safer and catch basket for all the waste
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    Many towns have watermain shut offs along the streets or sidewalks that are anywhere from 3"-8". Most of them were sand castings so it was no big deal to customize them with the cities name or even their logo. Like "Seneca Water Auth." or "Brookfield Addition". At an art fair in Batesville, AR last year they were printing the watermain on the shirt sleeve and the manhole on the body. I think it was a $10 donation to the Arts Council. It was really cool.
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    No, and I didn't have the heart to ask for my senior discount.
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    I'ts mopar or no car
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    I found some sign blanks on ebay. Here is what I'm up to.... One of the Best In Show, 20 of the First Place, 20 of the Second Place and a dozen of the Award Winner signs.
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    I just printed for the first time in months myself and the sg800 printed perfect. I recently built a large cnc router so i got sidetracked on sublimation for awhile. Coming from the epson world i was very impressed that it printed well being idle so long. If it was an Epson it would have been another boat anchor lol
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    After searching here it's been awhile since Etsy has been mentioned. Alot has changed with how etsy works. I'm going into month 2 of my etsy store and I'm not sure I've got things set up right. I'm only getting about 3-5 views a day and I'm paying for about half of those views by promoting listings. I know it's a bit early to be expecting anything big but I was hoping for alittle more traffic and maybe 1 order for father's day. Would anyone be willing to coach me and give me some advice? Here's my store www.etsy.com/shop/GoCCreations Any other selling platforms I should be thinking about? I was thinking about maybe a website but I'm not sure I want to spend $30/month for one if I can't even get a single order on etsy.
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    Yup... Figuring out what works best for one's Workflow & Budget is a big deal for a shop. What may work perfect for one may be disaster for another. I print just a few Positives a week to burn Screens with and the OEM Epson pigment inks Print fine, solid Transparencies for the Halftone work, without breaking the Bank. Also have no issues with Chip Reset Workarounds & Schemes.
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    Agreed... Wise to stick with the Quality Products and Workmanship. The Graphics Industry has been swept the way of so many other Products and Services these days. Our World is flush with Walmart Mentality and Confusion of Low Price / Good Value.
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    Skarkrow I can guarantee there are a lot of shops using aftermarket bulk inks and loads of house vinyl, I couldn't bring myself to do it and not be confident in the product I produce - mine cost more but there is definitely a difference. I will leave the people buying on price alone to learn on their own about that - to me it is more than just getting something out the door. also I see a lot of post from people with nozzle test that say it is great that I would have thrown away that head LONG before it got near that point
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    I have seen a lot of fading on solvents with aftermarket inks but my personal experience is roland factory ink 4 years outside unlaminated looks just like when I installed it - on my last truck had several . . . newer truck I haven't stickered up. to me it is not worth saving maybe $10 ca cart for aftermarket inks and a lot more problems with my first printer that came with aftermarket inks - no problems once I converted it back to roland inks. looking at prints in new orlands a few years ago I think they was using some formula they cooked up in a bathtub - it was hideous on most places
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    It is called HTV, not HTPU. But you are technically right. But I was using the common vernacular just because it is the common vernacular. Standard inkjet inks still don't stick or dry well to PU. The first link to Color Print: "ColorPrint Easy is the easiest weeding print and cut material ever! Compatible with eco-solvent and solvent based printers/cutters" Not standard inks. The second link to brilliant vinyl: "A heat press is highly recommended for applying this inkjet transfer paper due to temperature and pressure requirements. " Says it is a paper, not vinyl or PU since we are getting technical. The third link is more Color Print, sames as first. Forth link: First customer review I saw: "This product flaked off of the printed sheet. Please note several issues:1) The description says it is for inkjet printers. I used a regular inkjet printer. There are special inkjet printers that use Oil-Based & Eco-Solvent Ink. If this is a product for these special printers than it should have said so. I'm also going to report that this product is mislabeled. Is it vinyl or paper? It is listed in the Transfer Paper category. At the time of this review the description clearly says it is "Vinyl". This product didn't say it was for sublimation printing therefore I assumed, and rightfully so, that it was for a regular inkjet printer.2) The product came with two different labels attached to the plastic protective bag, which were "A4 Dark Transfer Paper" and the other says "Printable Heat Transfer Vin(yl). Which product is it?3) This product came with no cardboard insert to keep it from being bent, which it was. I returned this with a cardboard insert. This mailing issue should be on Amazon as it says that it is Fulfilled by Amazon." Seems like a scam.
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    Is 22" the short side? If so, then turn the sensors off and do your best to not go off vinyl, because that would very, very bad - you will end up cutting into the cutting strip, and chances are the carriage will get stuck on the edge of the vinyl. If 22" is the longest side, then rotate your design. Position the pinch rollers to the very outer edges of the allowed area, and you can also set it to extend 0.4" in excess of the roller.
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    the width it is showing is the width between where you have the pressure rollers set - set em wider it shows wider but if you want to cut over 23" then turn the sensors off and take your chances running off the vinyl - that is fine as long as you are careful
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    Very cool Soren. If it weren't so far I would come, with my Mopar of course.
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    don't feel stupid - just realize we get a lot of request from newbies for stuff that is illegal -
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    Welcome from the USA . . . we get a lot of people with designs that are not owned by them and are very cautious as it can get everyone in trouble - it is great that you paid for the design and own the rights and in that case several people on the forum could have helped as long as none of the design elements included anything that violated the law like we have seen many variations of people using the Harley Davidson shield and they enforce that very rigorously. Being new to our forum and not introducing yourself or giving us any background really gave no one any idea if you owned the design or not - too many of our new people will trace a design they don't own and think it is ok Have a great day in the netherlands
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    Those look really great, nice job and that is awesome of the car club to do that. Hope you have a great turn out.. I miss my old car club days. we always had lots of fun.
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    I have a 24" Ingento that I use from time to time. I mainly use an Excel #11 knife and a straight edge. Dakota, You got a smoking deal on that Neolt Trimmer.
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    I tried them twice and bailed because the juice just wasn’t worth the squeezing over there. I know others that have done great but imho it is a crafters world there. i May be wrong, been wrong before and figure I will be wrong several more times but just sharing my opinion
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    Sorry wildgoose I have not been on for awhile. I did do what you suggest on the color strips and came up with one that was pretty darn close. Sent it to the body shop that was working on the truck and the customer love it. Also thanks everyone for the help. Thanks Matt
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    for inkjet printable htv I have used JPSS and 3g opaque in the past with pretty good results before buying the eco solvent printer - may do it again after I sell the printer
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    Here is a link to the vinyl (about 3 brands I have seen) https://www.uscutter.com/GreenStar-Aqueous-Adhesive-Backed-White-Matte-Vinyl-3mil Mr.300's showed me some before he passed away he played with and the problem was the vinyl is coated with a layer to allow the water based ink to adhere - what he showed me was after a year even laminated that coating is what failed and caused the release from the backing in spots - definitely not as durable as ecol solvent ink or latex that grips the vinyl. it really should not be used for selling decals except for short term - otherwise I feel it is taking advantage of the customer
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    Share a link to some of this stuff. I would love to see it and see how they got around some common problems. Aqueous ink on vinyl has a hard time drying. It will just slide off uncoated vinyl. Solvent inks I think of as almost acid like. They burrow into the substrate. Eco-solvent also, but less aggressively. So please link.
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    Yea they make it. Some is decent but some is really really bad. I have some that I am going to be testing soon. They also have some for color laser printers too. Not sure how good that is but going to test it out when I get the chance. On another note, for a coffee shop where the mugs and such are going to subject to high heat and repeated abuse every day, you should only do Sublimation. Some of the commercial dishwashers go up to 180 fahrenheit with a sustained temp of 150. Then you have to figure that they will be using a detergent. No way any vinyl I know of will stand up to even one wash like that. Also you might want to check and see if you can sub it out and still make $$$.
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    HTV on tableware??
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    +1 for F&M. Whether single color or multi they can be a good option for busy designs on shirts if you have the volume.
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    I have never heard of standard ink, inkjet htv. All the printable vinyl I am aware of uses solvent or eco-solvent ink. Those machines run 9k-200k. There are transfers for standard desktop inkjets. but are not vinyl. They are not great I find. Mileage varies. The cheapest entry into full color that still looks good is what Dakotagrafx said, sublimation. It just works on polyester. I would just get a dedicated sublimation printer if I did this, and not try to run sub inks through my daily printer. Maybe look into ordering plastisol transfers for the shirts such as https://www.fmexpressions.com/landing/full-color-program/ among many.
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    sublimation printing is the way to go on stuff for the coffee shop - will require special printer, special mugs and tumblers and a mug press or cactus wraps. personally I wouldn't plan on printed vinyl or even cut vinyl holding up in that kind of use but if printed either latex or eco solvent printed
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    If your customers are going to be that picky then you should really invest in color guides from each manufacture. It's the only way to truly get as close of a match as possible.
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    That's a hard color to match. I do a lot of pinstriping and that's a perfect match for a 3M pinstripe 085 Light Gold Metallic but 3M doesn't make vinyl rolls in that color anymore. I've looked at pretty much every vinyl manufacturer for vinyl to match that stripe and the best I've found is Avery Supercast 900 Metallic 217 Light Gold and Sharpline 044 Light Gold Metallic. The Avery looks perfect but if you put it on top of the Arizona Beige, it has a slightly different shine to it. It should be fine if you're putting it on the white part of the truck. I think Sharpline may be a better match but I've never used it, I just have it on my own color match list as a backup.
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    The only site I found that gives color code conversion info for Ford Arizona Beige is here. Hope this helps you get close.
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    If you're comfortable with swapping hard drives, cloning a drive is actually pretty easy with the program CloneZilla.
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    I completely forgot to show my best work yet................ Mr. Jacob.
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    We aren't a sign shop...this is an add-on to our print/copy business. We have managed to get by with the aqueous prints by covering the outdoor stuff with a UV Laminate. Holds up well....the imprint colors outlast the coroplast substrate. Attached is a picture of a sign I printed up and only put the UV laminate on the top half. The sign was out in the full sun and weather for 3 years. The UV laminate really did its job.
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    I decided to do a version with the joker as well.
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    Any suggestions for other selling platforms. Do you see my signs selling on Ebay? I'm just not sure which way to go. That's always been my problem. I can make pretty cool products and everyone loves them. I just can't figure out how to sell them. Yep just saw that email. They jumped from 3.5% to 5%. that's a pretty big jump and they tried to sugarcoat it by saying they're adding all these new features. But they didn't go into detail that these new features would require a monthly subscription. Fun.
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    Ah I was aware of this kind of adhesive vinyl, https://www.papilio.com makes some I've used, (for short term stuff,) before. It was "ink jet htv" that threw me.