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    We will see you back after you discover that any credit card trick is about 10-20 times too much blade exposure -we deal with hundreds and hundreds of people that do this every year and come back saying they have bad cuts because of the too much blade exposure. the people helping on the forum have many years of experience -
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    I received my new mother board and got it up and running. Then started to get an error. Talked with tech on the phone for a hour troubleshooting it and finally got it all figured out. I ran a few things and it seems to work fine. Time will tell when it gets used more.
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    The SCALP is offered for Mac users, but generally, VM is the choice you should make when ordering. Are you going to be setting up a second computer to run the SC?
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    I appreciate the instructions. I did not fully understand this was a manual thing at first with taking it out and basically running it across the vinyl by hand. I get it now. Thank you.
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    Years ago, the USCUTTER company shipped every cutter they sold with a copy of SignBlazer. It was the main standard that allowed the USCUTTER company to exist at all. The guy who was behind all that, Jerry Bonham, knew a thing or two about a thing or two regarding cutters, designing, & drivers, and both USCUTTER (Marcel) and he formed a relationship that focused on providing first-time vinyl-cutting users with a way to quickly and easily enter the field. My first cutter MH was shipped with a SignBlazer CD. I had that cutter up and running within ten minutes of unpacking it from the box. (Not including assembling the stand, which I did after making my first trial cuts). Before running SBE, I had never touched a graphics program, but immediately was able to figure it out. The colorful 'cartoon-y' interface was fun and practical and efficient. That's what Jerry put into our hands -- a way to make money and enjoy doing so as raw newbies. I am forever grateful. By the way, I happen to love SignBlazer, yeah, but the VinylMaster program is superb and USCUTTER deserves a pat on the back for making it the default program to run these machines.
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    I would also add that with your prior experience you already have a good idea of the basic mechanics of building a cut file. Learning new software is rarely fun but knowing what you are trying to accomplish you will pick it up a lot faster than some dude who has never done it at all. I use Adobe Illustrator that was a serious PIA to learn, like months of learning and years of later perfecting, when I have to try and get something done in Inkscape, corel or even vinyl master (although it's a lot more intuitive) I struggle because my brain is wired a certain way. You will probably go through that process to some degree. Slice loves SignBlazer and there are many who still use it but as new computer systems come out the likelihood of long term usability becomes more and more a question. Good luck on your endeavor, I have VM Pro that I have been slowly learning in order to be of some use as a moderator. Slowly. It is a really well thought out design and cut program. I don't know what things are missing in the base Cut version but the Pro version is great. (I still like AI best but I'm weird and I use a mac so there's that...)
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    Wax on a car can cause issues as well.
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    OK, there is a thing called "Absolute Position" within the software, you need to UNCHECK that in the Cutting Manager, and do not use this function. (You might need it someday, but mostly no).
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    You would have had to DEactivate it first, which apparently you failed to do. Get in touch with the SureCutsAlot people (CraftEdge, NOT USCUTTER) -- https://www.craftedge.com
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    You're already familiar with VM, I would stick with VM. If you're really, really not sure, download the trials and give them a test drive.
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    vinyl master hands down - and it is upgradable
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    Thank you very much! I am still kind of a noob in the formats since Sihlouette did all that for me. I thought SVG was the go to, but i will convert to EPS if that is the proper format. I really appreciate the advice from everyone that has responded. Seems like this is a great forum with a wealth of knowledge from the little poking around I have done.
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    If you save your files in .eps format it is interchangeable with most vector based software so you don't have to go thru the conversion again. if you upgrade your VM remember the discount here
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    Not sure this has the cutter keys to move the head. I need to look it over more. I didnt see origin on the device itself either, only in the software I think. Setting the origin is a cutter function. VinylMaster cannot move the head of the cutter nor advance the vinyl to align it (tracking). Yeah, that $50 charge for SilhouetteStudioBusiness is a bad hit, but you had no choice. Your current CUT version of VM has svg import, no need to make any upgrade. http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/51007-svg-importing
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    SkyCut, huh? Does it have that cool multicolored LED strip? How about a stand? Did you order one (optional, for another $100) ? Didja' download and play around with SBE? Setting the head position shouldn't be difficult. Go OFFLINE (Pause), use the directional keys to jog the head and vinyl, then hit "Origin"
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    Here we are, getting a feel of the "new reality" of 30 40-million people unemployed, and many still sitting at home. In this incredibly shocking environment, there is more need than ever for entrepreneurs (and hobbyists) to obtain USCUTTER equipment and move ahead into the realm of custom designs and producing decals with these machines. Was the Prism probably 'overkill' for a newbie? Perhaps, but as we often suggest, buy the best you can afford right from the get-go, and that slick unit seems like a winner. Thanks, Pm-Performance, we do want to check what you come up with, as things progress from opening the box to setting it up, to running your first cuts. Keep us posted. Oh, and by the way, the VinylMaster vectorizing function is quite nice (converting pixel-based images to paths). Try it and you'll see!
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    And to get you on the right track for blade depth, NO credit cards widths or post it notes. That is way too much blade exposed. This gets you there. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel your blade tip out of the blade holder.
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    Early on Marcus hired Ken Imes that was the face of uscutter, he acted at sales , tech support and repairs. Ken was running things all day and on the forum and support lines most of the nights and weekends. Back then, looking back, it was incredible for one person to be available so much. Jerry’s development of signblazer was way ahead of its time 9 years ago . . . Without Ken and Jerry I don’t think it would be near what it is today . . . Even with a couple of missteps like the ill fated 3D printer days and the attempt at being another fellers for wrap printers etc. . . The target market always was the beginner and supporting them as they grew. When i visited Redmond they was setting up a 48” heat press that sold forv50k. And shortly after ordered some expensive laser cutters that did not fit the target market well. Now they seem to have rethought that and got back to basics
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    Yeah, Marcus, the original owner of Selltopia. Marcel was a presence here on the Forums, I think his job was in the sales dep't. http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/418-goodbye-everyone Anyway, the entire USCUTTER brand has a lot to be proud of, as they've grown over the years. This newest cutter, the Prism, looks great and offers a high-end machine at a fair price point (just wish it was available in the 870mm size). I highly encourage PMPerformance to get back to us here about the reactions to this new unit. We don't have many users providing feedback and reviews, so it would be nice to see that.
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    I also don't want to fight with janky drivers to get this to work on some other program. I'd rather pay for software at that point. I do not have time to troubleshoot trial and error drivers. It doesn't take much time, maybe 5 minutes. You select from a drop-down list in SBE Cutter Setup. If you get lucky, one of the above suggested drivers works right from the get-go. If none of the choices communicate, you didn't lose any money, as SignBlazer is no cost. In any case, if you re-read what I wrote, I actually suggested that you utilize the features you require in SignBlazer for designing, and Export the finished product for Import to the dedicated software provided by USCUTTER (VinylMaster). Having SignBlazer run your cutter itself is just a BONUS! Let me repeat --- SignBlazer contains ALL of the items on your list, and then some. ( I had to look up the term "make/release compound paths' and it turns out to be a function in SignBlazer called PunchThrough ) VinylMaster CUT may not do all the things you need, and you can discover yes or no by downloading the DEMO and find out. You may avoid having to recreate your 200 proprietary Silhouette Studio files, since I believe you can export as .svg and then import for cutting into VM. Yeah, that has to be done one by one, but it can be accomplished, and you can try that out with the DEMO version.
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    Honestly, this is probably a topic better suited to the VinylMaster section ( Questions and/or discussion about the USCutter edition of VinylMaster software ) -- however, since it's already here, lets go ahead. 1. There is a comparison chart of features. Take a look. https://fcws7.com/vinylmaster-features-and-comparison-list 2. All of the things you mentioned are indeed available for FREE within the SignBlazerElements (SBE) program. All you would need to do is Export the final design as .eps and then Import to your VM cutting application. If you actually prefer to design and then cut directly right from within SBE without the additional step of Export/Import, that may or may not be possible, we don't know the answer to that. Once the machine arrives, set it up, connect it, and try communicating with SBE using Copam driver or maybe even CreationPcut or LiYu. You just have to keep trying different models, maybe one of the choices will work right. It would be nice to know what you find out!
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    I agree with darcshadow. 15" seems to be the most usable with the least waste. You can save most of your scraps and find uses for them too. Unlike sign vinyl you don't need a mask on regular HTV so if you use a weeding box so you can see where the edge of the current job came to you can cut off and save any excess if it's still a wide enough piece to load into your cutter. I usually save anything that is at least 2" wide and find times to use them for names and other small add on's often. Some times due to availability or brand I have had to get 20" wide and usually seem to waste more at that width. 12" is a bit lacking or you have to turn the graphic sideways and then end up with waste that is just a bit too skinny to be usable as scraps or you have 20 feet of 2" stuff etc.... HTV ain't cheap so every bit you can conserve is good. Don't forget to mirror your design!
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    I like the 15" rolls because it gives you a little wiggle room for large designs. Shirt designs are usually no bigger than 11" but occasionally I've done some that are right at 12". And I can usually fit other items/designs in the extra space so I rarely waste the extra few inches. Buying by the foot is good for colors/designs you don't plan to use often, but I would get one of the longer rolls for the big colors you'll use. White and Black are good colors for buying a 10 yrd or longer roll. Siser Easyweed is a great all around HTV. Siser also has several more specialized HTVs that are quite good as well.
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    I have heard of some using a chop saw- but i would use a new fine tooth blade. The proper way is a roll cutter - you can see them on youtube