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    This is what I do. I like a diamond or a triangle shape. I place them where I want them and then group and copy paste them on top of one another in each color layer so they are all on the same spot on the design.
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    Got it - yes, absolutely correct. Setting in Printer setup that either allows white space or not. The 2nd issue with cutting also addressed - hanger space of 0 means it cuts w/o spacing. Not good. Resolved. Thanks for your input. Both issues resolved.
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    on the adding material to the end - my guess is that you are not allowing enough material there when cutting your paper and the plotter needs enough past the end to find the marks - without enough the sensor that senses paper length will stop the feed before it gets to the marks - you can either add to the length or you can turn the sensors off
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    I have been on here for years, and have never heard of that software, or anyone using that software. Why not use the Graphtec software that Graphtec designed for the vinyl cutter? Graphtec Pro Studio is made by SAI, so very much like Flexi Sign Pro. Valued at over $1000, There is support for that software, and a license should have came with a new Graphtec. Most people here cut vinyl. Decals, signs etc. Contact your support for that software. This is the correct way to set blade depth, To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should barely see and feel the blade out of the blade holder. Regular sign vinyl is only 2-3 mil thick. You only cut with the very tip of the blade.
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    Don't know what could have happened. You can still use any other type of shape as a registration mark. Star, circle etc. Place them where you want.
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    definitely paper app tape.