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    I don't think we would ban you for showing pics of your work. That's not actually breaking the forum rules. Posting protected files would. Posting pics is just dumb if you are breaking the law sort of like dumb criminals who post pics on FB of their antics and get caught by the ever present search engines.
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    Autometrik, just keep in mind that NOBODY here is going to give you support or encouragement for making decals (or text) by cutting them by hand. Everything you are talking about is a waste of breath on your part. You say -- "I still don't have an answer as to how people cut vinyl by hand without cutting through the backing paper?" Simply put -- we don't cut vinyl by hand.
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    this exactly is why we have vinyl plotters . . .
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    Check out a crafters forum. That would take a ton of experimenting, which you don't know how many hours he spent or how much vinyl he wasted trying to get 1 right. Practice, practice, practice. Waste vinyl. waste vinyl. I would never try to sell one of those to a customer. This is why we cut with a vinyl cutter.
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    In the Connection tab of the Vinyl Spooler set the Port Type to Windows and the Port to FILE: Then, with the cutfile in question selected in the Vinyl Spooler, click Cut Now and instead of sending the file directly to the cutter, a window will appear, asking you to save the data to a PLT file on your computer. Save this file and email it to support@future.support and they will take a look at the file to see if it is hardware or software related.
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    personally I don't do as much reflective so when I take the blade out of my regular vinyl holder after about 10 months I put that blade into my reflectives holder to get more life out of it as I don't cut near the detailed work in reflective
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    Over the years, yes we've seen this 'chattering' on the MH models, it's apparently related to motherboard failure (usually caused by static zapping through the electronics). If you want to troubleshoot with another software -- SignBlazer (use the RedSail driver in cutter setup).
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    when your right your right .. ahaha I will say this that sign was my first install that big and boy I sure was nervous.
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    Oh yeah no then that’s fine I took them down just cause I didn’t know if admins would ban me or something lol
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    If you have permission thru the teamsters union itself then it is no problem posting the pictures of your work. Remember once you post something even though you remove it, it is not really gone forever. It can be retrieved. I just couldn’t meet the requirements of the main union office that controlled the rights in my case, even though a local union member wanted them.
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    I got permission threw a hire up only to make these & they stated & I have in writing if needed more I have permission under certain circumstances. I knew this before posting someone might ask I can remove if not allowed I know how forum is with trademarks but I do have permission.
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    https://support.uscutter.com/support/solutions/folders/14000106611 has the set up video - user manual - etc. unfortunately the links do change as uscutter updates their site - but going to the main uscutter.com site and clicking on support will always route you to the right area at that time
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    CB09U-K60 is a Tint blade. Your not cutting tint. UNLESS you are.
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    More often then not googling a part number/model number and the word manual will find a downloadable PDF.
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    When you set the blade height, did you do it with the white or one of the other colors? Reason I ask, while rare, different colors can be slightly different thicknesses.
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    working fine on small designs and not on large would indicate static to me. My thinking is the smaller designs the vinyl is not moving as much so not building up as much static. Although from my experience when static is the problem the cutter just goes off into the weeds. Ground your cutting stand, and switch to the comm port to start and see if that makes any difference.
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    It looks to be cutting the reflective part okay, but not really cutting the adhesive. Have you tried going over it 3x? I know that seems excessive, but at this point, it's worth trying the 3x versus tossing a bunch of reflective material out. You might also try a new 45-degree blade if you have it - that reflective is kind of harsh on blades.
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    in the US we have seen 3 different mainboards over the years on the mh721 - not all change has been for the better
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    maybe mainboard issue
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    Both of those cutters have very limited memory on large and detailed orders. Could also be static from the vinyl. If using USB, those cutters don't have TRUE USB. They have a cheap Chinese chipset in them. A Tripp-Lite Keyspan Adapter can make a better connection. That is the brand name. Make sure the cutter is grounded to the stand, if you have a stand.
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    So when I first got my graphtec I will admit I struggled a lot asked for help and some how got bashed for it. but all in all I never gave up & ended up with a decent size job at a school & after posting some pics I got another big job for a local union ... EVERYONE loved the work & just want to thank the people on here that didn't bash me and took the time to help but a special thanks to the ones that did bash me and motivated me to keep it moving.
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    I pretty much only use paper tape and unless it's a really large simple graphic I go as high tack as I can find. R-tape 4076 is my fav.
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    KDM - I agree with haumana, that you are to be commended for giving AI a shot. Regarding the cut of that design, though, gets back to what Mz Skeeter was trying to help you with. AI does not tell your machine how to cut, or how deep to cut - or anything other than where to cut, from this point to that point. If you have a second layer in your design, the machine is still only being told to cut from point A to point B a second or third time. If your blade depth is set correctly, a second cut or even a third cut on the same path will not cut through the backing paper. That is from the voice of experience... I usually always do designs with the pen tool first, and that is one of the reasons why.
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    Kudos for trying to trace! I have to admit that I'm an absolute "short cut" kind of person, and am always perpetually grateful for Inkscape I think tracing your own artwork is very admirable. I, on the other hand, have zero creativity and have to rely on others - thank goodness I'm surround by a bunch of right-brainers! Anything original, that's done on old school paper is awesome! I have done my fair share of tracing (what Inkscape isn't able to vecotrize for me), and I kind of suck at it, but at some point, I get tired of tweaking the nodes and just send it to cut to see how good (or bad) it looks. Many of the custom hand-sketched stuff comes out decent, and the results may not be perfect, but the customer is usually just super stoked to see their creation turn into something they will undoubtedly end up plastering everywhere they possibly can. If they complain, I will generally spend more time to clean it up and smooth it out, but most times, they're just grateful that they found someone to do it in the first place. Let me justify the "less than perfect" results by saying that most times it's for family, friends, and/or friends of friends, and I do preface it with, "it's just a rough cut, and it can be smoothed out," and let them decide whether they want to chase down that rabbit hole to pay me for more tweaking time. I will generally provide a few sample at no cost because a lot of times, I do it in my spare time and cutting is not my 'day job.' If it's a company/corporate gig, then yes, I will spend copious amounts of time editing if necessary, and a proof goes out for final approval before I go into mass production. Pat yourself on the back, because I wouldn't have put forth the effort that you did to create original artwork! (seriously!)
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    I think i figured it out, i was reading a bunch of threads about this issue and finally came across one that explained that the point of the ground strap was to remove the static from the vinyl via the rollers, and suggested checking continuity from the ground strap to the rollers... surprise surprise, i had none... so i rigged up a ground strap for the roller, i just loosely tied the wire around the roller and then braided the wire... since its loose it doesn't inhibit the roller movement, but it does create the grounding needed, i re-cut the same design again and it worked fine. thanks for everybody who contributes on these boards, couldn't have fixed it without the suggestions here.