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    Nope. We don't like spammers. I deleted it.
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    Hi, I found a solution that is working for me. After I import a .dxf file I use the scale tool to resize the drawing. Because I used a cad program to create the template I know the width and height . Thanks for the help. Cheers
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    VinylMaster has a great YouTube channel with a ton of videos. I just started at the first video with my notepad and a cup of coffee. If I found something I knew I'd want to review later, I wrote down the video name and how many minutes into the video the information was. It will take a couple of days to watch them all but it was well worth it! Now, the downside to their channel is that they suck at telling you which version of VM the command is found in. So you sort of need to follow along in VM and see if the commands they are talking about are available in your version.
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    I was not rude at all. You didn't want to listen to the first post that I posted about setting the blade depth and force. And I was very calm when I posted it. . Because you didn't want to listen, I just repeated the same thing a little stronger. I don't work for UScutter, most all people here volunteer their time. We can only give advice on what works, and what has worked for years. It is up to you, whether you want to use that advice, or figure it out on your own.
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    When printing big areas of color, I would have spots from like dust or dirt that got on the roll. Came up with an idea.
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    Sorry, but you do have to learn the very basics before we can be much help on here. Everyone has told you good information but I gather from your question of how to draw a box all the information they're giving you is over your skill level at this time. There are tons of great videos to get you started, or just start pushing buttons in the program and see what happens, that's usually how I learn a program. Once you can do the basics, then everyone on here will be more than happy to help with some tricks or more advanced techniques.
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    cheap laptop would be great ... but then the wrench in the works is that he also needs it to do video editing. you get what you pay for. SSD for storage, a good amount of fast RAM, and a decent processor will be the key to video editing.
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    Every vector program basically does the same thing but they each go about it a little differently. I too am not well versed in the VM program and there are different levels of design capability depending on which version you have. (that's a whole other consideration). A border like you mention I am assuming you mean like a thick border maybe 1/2 or 1" thick. You can probably draw a rectangle and then another on top of the first that is smaller and creates the inner line and then subtract the top inner layer form the larger one behind it and it will create a border. Other programs may have you draw a single box and give the line some stroke until you get the desired width then convert the stroke to outlines (because most programs will not cut a stroked line I know that's probably over your head sorry) other programs might have you draw one of the rectangles and then do a path offset either in or out to create the other line and then once again minus the top layer from the bottom to create what's generally known as a compound path (mostly means a path with a hole in it including letters of the alphabet). Just drawing two boxes freehand is probably the least friendly way to do it due to accuracy and symmetry problems. Drawing a line then adding stroke can be problematic because generally stroke straddles the line and will start to crowd into the inside perhaps more than you wanted etc... some programs allow you to define where the stroke sits in relation to the actual line and align centered or to the inside or outside. If you find that your version of VM is not high enough to do some of the things you want you will have to decide if you want to pay for an upgrade or figure something else out. VM is a pretty good design program so you won't go wrong with an upgrade. If you are purely a hobbyist and don't have a budget allowance you can try out Inkscape which is totally free and a fairly well put together vector art program. Once designed in Inkscape (or Adobe Illustrator or Corel if you happen to have either) you can then open the design up in VM and cut it. You can plan to spend some serious time playing around getting familiar with your program but the time is well spent. It's one of the facets of the craft that sort of make or break vinyl cutting. If you give up you'll be limited to basic text runs and things other people build for you (which are often not actually "cut ready")
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    to run the plotter and design software a 10 or 15 year old computer would work just fine so in today's standards anything off the shelf will do the job. As for video editing, the better the graphics card you can afford the better. The largest and fastest disk you can afford would also be good. A large SDD would be great. An array of SDDs might even be better but if you're not very computer savvy dealing with raided drives can be a bit to undertake. They're getting harder to find, but if you can find a computer with a serial port that'd be nice to have for the low to mid range plotters.
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    Go to youtube and look for some training videos. There are tons out there to help get you started down the right path.
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    Agree with darcshadow. If you need adhesive style just cut more. If it need not be sticky I use the clear backing off gerber 225 vinyl as a paint stencil and it works great. One beauty of using cut vinyl for stencils is they don't necessarily need to be "stencils" meaning you would be installing them with transfer paper which will allow for all the little parts and pieces to be open rather than having to design it like a true stencil with connectors to all the parts.
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    I don't know of any adhesive vinyl that you'd be able to peal off and reuse. The act of pealing vinyl off causes the vinyl to stretch slightly, so even if you get it off without ripping it, it'll never look the same when you reapply it. Vinyl is cheap, and the cheap vinyl is good enough for what you are doing, just make a bunch of stencils, use them once and toss them. The time and hassle of trying to reuse is not worth the few penny's it cost to make a new one.
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    We pretty much tell people who are having problems, to put a value cutter either on a serial cable or a Tripp-Lite Keyspan Adapter. That is the brand name. Those cutters have a cheap Chinese chipset in them. They are not TRUE USB. The only True USB cutter is starting with the Titan vinyl cutters on up. The Tripp-Lite controls the data feed more like True USB. Example only, find the best price https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tripp-Lite-Keyspan-High-Speed-USB-to-Serial-Adapter-PC-Mac-USA-19HS/283175913652?hash=item41ee9988b4:g:aX0AAOSwE8Vbp6nd:rk:2:pf:0
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    You say the blade depth is perfect. so please let us know how you set it and how you know it is perfect.(too much bad info out there on setting blade depth correctly) This cutter has very limited memory, and the tracking is pretty bad on it. It is normal to have grit roller marks in the vinyl. They will come out when you apply the vinyl. Always make sure that you have enough vinyl pulled from the vinyl roll laying slack behind the cutter, to do the order and it is not pulling from the roll while cutting.If you had come here first we would have advised you to buy a better cutter. Anything higher up is a better cutter.
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    A simple sign I made for use around the shop. I put it on a 18x25 corplast (cheap!) and already used it today. SizeChart.EPS SizeChart.EPS
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    I purchased the green foam from JoAnn's and although it works for HTV transfers (300-320°), it does NOT work for Dye Sublimation, which is 400°. After pressing a garment with a Dye Sublimation and opening the heat press, the green foam had melted flat in a few places, so it's NOT heat resistant like the Vapor Kits advertise.
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    You need to to select the pointer on the left side toolbar, then select the text you want to resize and the proportional on/off icon will show up. click on it and then you can change the width or height independently.
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    Wow. Just realized this is an old thread and was brought up because somebody was putting their site on here to sell stuff. No sure if it’s allowed or whatever. Dakota?
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    Looks like plastisol transfers to me. Probably stretchy variant if they feel rubbery.
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