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    Sounds like you have the Command on the wrong command. Flexipro is Command HP-GL. Any Graphtec software is Command GP-GL (Graphtec Language)
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    You need to create your own niche'. Meaning, create something that others don't have. If your just selling what others are selling , then it is just about price and who can be the lowest. No one makes money that way. And don't do copyrighted decals. They will get you in a lot of trouble, when you get caught. These companies have lawyers just looking for people who are violating their owners rights, that is their job.
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    if the firmware instal fails be prepared to spend $750 on a mainboard if you can find one - we have seen this many times before and the reason people here are reluctant to advise anyone to update firmware
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    Typically it's only advisable to mess with firmware if you have a problem.
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    Too many users have crashed/locked up their cutters downloading the newer firmware. Why are you wanting to? I have owned my Graphtec since 2008. I have never downloaded new firmware. I have never had any types of problems with my Graphtec.
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    Nevermind got it, thanks for bearing with me yall
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    I just did a google search for your cutter model.
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    And people stop ready the instructions. The ones I read that mention the credit card say it's a starting point and then go on to describe basically Skeeter's method for setting blade depth. Although it used paper rather than vinyl.
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    Thank you ! Hopefully this thread will help somebody with the same problem and drive him crazy like it did me... I think the may take away is to check ( delete and reinstall ) the software first and maybe try out different software, then try different connections options serial cable / tripple lite adapter etc. before exchanging I/o and mainboard or internal cables !
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    .jpg is not a format that allows for transparency. if you need a raster with transparency, you'll need to go with .gif, .png, etc.
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    Totally understandable. That's what replacement cutting strips are for
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    You would probably be back eventually with lifted vinyl and other problems. This is correct way to set your blade depth. To start with, you should set your blade depth correctly, by taking the blade holder out of the machine, and in your hand, firmly cut across a piece of scrap vinyl, you will be cutting. You should only be cutting the vinyl and barely a mark on wax paper backing, Adjust blade to get there, Then put the blade holder back in machine, and use the force of the machine to get there, same results, only cutting the vinyl and barely a mark in wax paper backing. You should just barely see and feel your blade tip out of the blade holder.
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    All I did was everything Mz Skeeter suggested. Installed the Laser Point II driver, even though I have the LPIII it still worked. After restart, went to device manager and found the Port #, went into VM and manually chose that com port and it worked!
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    How did you solve the problem? Please let us know, so that others may learn as well.
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    How did you set your blade depth? Too many incorrect instructions out there. Never use a credit card width or post it notes to set blade depth. They are incorrect and about 10 times too much blade exposed out of the blade holder.
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    Each software has a trial version to try for yourself, and see which one that you prefer. Download and try them. Vinyl Master was created for professional sign and decal makers and can be upgraded.
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    After you sort out this minor issue, please provide us with some videos and feedback on how you are liking the LP3 ---- it ticks off a lot of boxes for an introductory level cutter, with features like a stand with media holder included; superior tracking roller mechanisms; quieter operation; and more.
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    Did you download the driver, and install for the USB connection? USB on a value cutter is not True USB like higher end cutters. After you download the driver, reboot your computer. It creates a com port number in your computer device manager. The com port numbers have to match in your computer device manager as well as your software. Vinyl cutters are not plug and play. From UScutter.com support In most cases, all needed PC drivers will be preloaded in VinylMaster. If you need to download and install drivers for the USB connection to work properly go to www.uscuttersupport.com and select the driver that supports your Windows version. #12 in user manual. https://www.uscutter.com/static/PDFs/LP3user_manual_FINAL_07_09_2019.pdf
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    Order from Grimco. 1/8" thick Polyethelyne -- (parking lot stencils)
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    I own a small family-owned graphic design company in North Carolina. I am on my 3rd cutter from US Cutter. This is not because they break easily but because my needs are growing along with my company so upgrading the cutter as the budget allows becomes necessary (we simply cannot afford a +$2k cutter out the gate). I started with a MH-871 and it still serves our needs today without a single hiccup reported. MY next cutter was a SC2 which kept things simple and afforded us to have a 2nd cutter to run larger die-cutting jobs. Fast forward to today as I just received my new Titan3. We purchased this cutter because we needed contour cutting when using Siser EasySubli and other printable vinyl. The ARMS feature was a huge factor as well as having a quiet servo motor. While it's too premature to issue my reviews of the cutter itself, my experience buying this cutter confirmed to me that I am with the right company. I financed this cutter purposefully because the bank would not lend me $1200 (too small of an amount) and I wanted to establish an additional line of credit as a sole-proprietorship. I will have this cutter paid for within 2 months. With that said, when I received correspondence from Karl Bowman, President of US Cutter about the status of my financed order, I was skeptical that the contact information provided was actually his information. When I realized that the day of my ship, that I had ordered VM Cut instead of SCAL, I tried calling Customer Service but was placed on hold for a prolonged period of time. As is customary of shipped software, you often cannot return it once it has shipped so it was imperative that I catch my shipment in time. I opted to call the contact info on my emails and was astonished that I actually got Mr. Bowman's direct number. When I explained my predicament, he was quick to fix it despite my order already shipping. It is a rarity to get the direct contact of the President as often advertised these days so this experience stood out as extraordinary to me. When my cutter arrived, the UPS man left it in a secure location but the exterior box had extensive water damage. The interior packaging was bone dry and the cutter operates as expected. This concerned me in regards to my warranty so I contacted Mr. Bowman (There was no time to return the cutter as I have orders waiting on this cutter). I now have an email stating that my damaged box will NOT void my warranty from the president of US Cutter as my CYA. I am writing this because there are so many who come on this forum and trash talk US Cutter vinyl cutters or the bad customer service experience they had. I should add that I have a Graphtec CE5000-CRP-40 that I am selling because the contour cut feature was simply too difficult to get the cutter to cooperate but I have always had a great experience with US Cutter vinyl cutters. SO spend your money as you wish but as for me & my family, I will stick with US Cutter as a loyal customer. I have only ever had to call them 3 times in the past and each time was an additional confirmation as to why I faithfully choose US Cutter each & every time for my equipment needs. I get a quality cutter at a price that beats the competition when I can buy 2 of these Titans for the cost of 1 Graphtec or Roland. I'm not knocking Graphtec but I get faster ROI and lower TCO with US Cutter every time!!!
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    If they are stacked perfectly it can be hard to see the second image too. Use the single node edit and drag a node over to see if there is another beneath it. (as mentioned previously)
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    Skeeter is basically saying that you probably have two copies of the design, one on top of the other. This is why it is cutting twice.
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    Make sure the design is not double layered.. Zoom on wire frame, edit the nodes and see if there is another of the same design under it. Sometimes white will be another layer
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    Both Sanmar and S&S Activewear will do ones and twos also and at same pricing for 1 piece or 1000 pieces.