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    Depends which supplier you purchased it from? Which edition you have? If from USCutter please go here: https://fcws1.com/usc.htm
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    Ditto on the CleanCut and 60-degree. Love them! I had them on order and to my location before I even took delivery on my Graphtec. They immediately got installed once the machine arrived.
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    The Command for any other software than Graphtec software requires HP-GL language. GP-GL is Graphtec software. Flexi is HP-GL
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    probably was the 60 degree cleancut brand blades, the majority (not all) of us old timers use those exclusively. for shipping internationally I would call them direct
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    I think his question is the other roll. What is it? Maybe look back at what you ordered and write it inside on future unmarked ones would be smart. I for one will pay more attention to my own rolls since I read this.
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    Just cut my first letters...perfect...Thanks..
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    Any time you unplug/plug a USB device (i.e. cutter, printer, flash drive, scanner, etc.), Windows might assign a different ComPort number. Whatever computer you are wanting to use to send the file to the cutter, I suggest you check the Device Manager and see what number was assigned and make sure that it matches the number in the software that you're using.
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    I really don't have a formula for extra colors. I usually ad a little more $ depending on how much vinyl and time is involved and how good a customer they are.
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    Just a quick tip for arcing texts --- do some kerning prior to the arc, as letters may tend to collide (or, be too far spread out) while rotating around the circumference (inside or outside of the arc).
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    At the top of your layout screen is HELP>HELP TOPICS.. Plenty of info there. Look up TEXT> Arc Text.
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    we almost never see components fail - over the last 10 years maybe seen 3 mainboards as opposed to hundreds for the mh series. other than that the only thing they need is new blades, occasional cutting strip and keep them out of the rain
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    each program will have it's own section to select the port so same port can be selected in each program. but like skeeter said and I alluded to earlier I do not see a driver in signlab for the titan nor sega plotters so not sure how you are getting it to work at all in signlab
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    Have you tried to contact VM directly?
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    that was the trick,thank you very much
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    There is also the Graphtec store http://www.graphtecamericastore.com/
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    All info is on the Graphtec website. Look at accessories. https://www.graphtecamerica.com/vinyl-cutter-cut-plotter-ce6000-plus It is also in the CE6000-60 user manual. Under accessories. Page 16 1.1 https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5900b1a3c534a5aa8149a65c/t/597f7eb96b8f5b0625147b87/1501527742667/CE6000+Series+User+Manual.pdf
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    feel dumb had it on color printers..Thanks
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    When it comes to this kind of stuff I have found that if I didn't have the skills or more likely the time to build my own I have good luck finding a sales deal at one of the vector sites. There are some freebies out there but they usually hold the good stuff back for a price. The only ones I have in my collection are ones I have paid for and therefor can't share due to copyright restrictions.
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    Needs a bit of work, redo the fonts in your software. mark-s ABOVE & BEYOND ROOING LOGO.ai
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    Probably self cleanings, the reason I unplug mine. Risk of heads drying up but if I use it every 4 months or so the Ricoh has been good to go
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    Thanks for the replies! I find this topic both interesting and terrifying. LOL
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    rex, Two things -- 1. Uninstall your SBE and restart your computer. Download and run the v7.0.0 version HERE -- http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Software/SignBlazer/signblazer_setup.exe 2. Make sure you install the USB emulation driver http://www.uscuttersupport.com/downloads/Drivers/cdm20828_setup_windows.exe Let's see how that goes.
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    For all who do HTV work. I recently received a new 50yd roll of Siser Stretch White and the application instructions on the sticker have changed from 305 for 10-15 seconds to 320 for 20 seconds. I called the tech line and asked what was up. They said they have had too high of a percentage of lifting and decided they needed to make an adjustment to combat problems. So this is retroactive to all the stretch products and not a new adhesive. I know that the stretch line uses something different than the regular non-stretch as evident when trying to remove a missed weed item after install. Almost impossible to do on the stretch where you can just reheat the regular non-stretch and pluck it out. This will affect the workflow a little especially when working with a combination of stretch and non-stretch. Siser North America tech help suggested a middle of the road approach in these situations. Reduced dwell time at the higher temp. I know from personal testing that I did on my own that Siser of either variant can handle a lot more heat than they recommend. I did some tests clear up to 350 deg and did not see any visible signs of trouble other than just a touch of adhesive coming out along the edges that was visible if layered. At the time I was trying to determine if I could layer the Siser with some Stahls products that needed 320-330 degree temps. Color choices being what they are I needed one from Siser and one from stahls. it was the only way I could get the correct color schemes on a certain job. It layered successfully without issues. I am a little bummed out about the need for this change because it has been one of the best parts of the Siser Easyweed line that it was at the same time and temp for both of those two products keeping the workflow simple and I prefer the lower temps especially when pressing 100% poly products. Just wanted to get word out if no-one was paying attention to their application instructions (which I would ordinarily have not bothered looking either but it caught my eye accidentally).
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    dwp99 and everyone Just wanted to show you the final I think I will go with. Thanks Again
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    It should be, Roll 1: Starts at beginning of roll Roll 2: Starts at current position