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  2. I don't know why you would think a value cutter would come close to a Graphtec. Night and day cutters. So what is your problems? Besides saying it is junk. No one can help you that way. It takes time and patience to set up a value cutter.
  3. Get your wallet out then and buy a Graphtec or a Roland. Most here use the Graphtecs. Most all value cutters come from China.
  4. darcshadow


    Any while they are bottom of the barrel, they can be made to work well if you take the time to tune it and work out all the kinks. I've had one for about 15 years that has served me well as a hobbiest. Just have to know the limitations of the machine.


    We have told buyers for years not to buy the MH cutter, and to step up to at least the SC2, It is a known fact that this cutter has problems, Static, tracking, connecting, You should read before you buy. The info has been here for years. Most any value cutter comes from China. Your post is nothing new that most people don't already know. So what is your problem? That cutter and any value cutter will run better on a Tripp-lite Keyspan adapter and a null modem cable. Posted 100's of times on here. Tripp-lite is the brand name. Destroying your material? Either static, or you don't have your blade depth set correctly. Posted here 100's of times. Blade depth has to be set correctly first.
  6. It had a lot of the same problems as the MH I bought from USCUTTER. I'm done using China junk.
  7. Made in China out of inferior parts with substandard manufacturing and no repair option. The machine I bought has sat in the box longer than it's been destroying my material! It has several issues and that's too many to fart with at once. It's going in the trash because the company won't even recycle the thing. Never again with USCUTTEr.
  8. So you were cutting over the groove that is for perf cutting, instead of over the teflon cutting strip?... Well, you never said that. User manuals are a great tool for new cutters. The user manual shows pictures and explains where the blade holder is placed for cutting over the teflon strip or perf cutting.
  9. I understand that on the blade exposure. But it would cut through.... not completely... more like around a curve, some letters (not all)... it was super strange. Never seen it before and hopefully will never see it again. Moving the blade to the forward position solved it though. Thanks for the helps guys and/or gals!
  10. darcshadow is correct on the blade exposure. It is not possible to cut thru the wax paper backing, if blade depth is set perfect. No matter where it is on the cutting strip.
  11. I can't. If the blade exposure is set correctly it is physically impossible to cut through the backing. But if you've got things working for you again, great. What did you do to fix it?
  12. Fixed how? Incase another person has this problem.
  13. Trust me, the blade was perfect. the machine was cutting lighter to deeper from left to right. Everything in the sweet spot which was the 7" to 2" would cut perfect. For some reason it would sink super deep in the last inch or two on the right and barely cut anything on the last 2 inches on the left. Weird. All fixed though.
  14. All fixed. Contacted customer support and they asked for some photos of the machine and the one of the cut vinyl to see what was happening. I decided to have one more go at it myself. I moved the blade to front position and everything works fine now. Blade depth is PERFECT. Cuts are PERFECT. Love the Graphtec!
  15. One note to add, you said you have your blade depth set correctly, but then you said it cut nearly all the way through the backing paper on L and M. That says you do not have your blade depth set correctly. If you did, it would not be possible to cut into the backing paper like that. That aside, it kind of sounds like you have an alignment problem, or a cutting strip problem. Hopefully tech support can help.
  16. When you say it 'refuses' to cut, what exactly happens? How are you connecting? USB? Serial DB9? What cutter model are you selecting in the SBE cutter setup? (I don't believe you have GoldCut JK as an option in SignBlazer)
  17. Ok just checked it says 7.0 in the about menu. I have win 7 and a goldcut jk series cutter which works fine some days and then refuses on other days. Ive read up on the right port being selected but its just intermitent as to wether or not it want to cut, I have a pcut and it runs fine with no issues.
  18. Last week
  19. What I was thinking. Have the force set to 25 currently. Went ahead and started the test cut with the 3 triangles and square. Repeated the test across the entire length of the vinyl. Progressively got worse and worse as it moved to the left. The last set of three I couldn't even weed out the cut was so shallow. Off to Graphtec support now. Thanks for the help though.
  20. Contact Graphtec tech support. Nothing more to add.
  21. So here is where I stand right now. I upped the force to 30 and cut ABCDEFGHIJKLM at an 11" width. A thru E cut poorly. F cut good enough to weed easier. G thru K cut really well. L and M were horrible, cutting nearly through the backing. 30 is WAY too deep so I lowered it down to 25 now. So, I am getting from this experiment that the machine is cutting shallower as it moves from right to left. Apparently, I can only cut up to a 6" to 8" really well and anything beyond that gets a shallow cut depth. This has to be a machine issue, right?
  22. So, just upped to 22. Cut the image shown. ABCDEF on the right cut perfect. ABCDEF on the left cut a bit better but still not great.
  23. I have never heard nor seen this issue before. Cutting Oracal 651 right now (have not even tried on my 751 or 951). Using 20 force right now which cuts... except the 2nd image. Changing some settings now to see if anything changes.
  24. Rule out the problem Cutter or software. Trying using another of Graphtecs software, or another trial. Never heard of a Graphtec cutter changing force in the middle of cutting. I own 2 Graphtecs. What type of vinyl are you using? What force are you using? What happens when you raise the force? If the blade is set correctly, it would not be possible to cut thru the wax paper backing.
  25. Totally understand all that, been doing this for 15+ years. I have the blade at the proper length, did the test as well. Blade is just barely showing. Also ran the sample cuts through and they work EVERY time. Not cutting through the wax paper at all. Again, first image ALWAYS cuts perfect. Once I add a second image to the cut file whether it's using the "Copies" option or a completely different 2nd image, the cut changes to a much shallower depth barely cutting the vinyl at all. First image cuts perfect, 2nd one cuts shallow. Cutting Oracal 651. Using the #1 setting with modified force upped to 20 CB09U+0 S30 F20 A2
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