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  2. hello everyone can someone help with how the offset and overcut should really be ,because my cutter sometimes cuts perfectly and sometimes it cuts horizontal lines across the design wasting alot of vinyl. i tried so many times playing with the offset settings but still does the same thing over and over again.its a CTH630
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  4. Help with breaking up a logo

    What program is native for a vDoc file? Google says Superior SQL Builder. EDIT -- nevermind, it's a VinylMaster proprietary file format.
  5. I have designed a logo that is to large for the vinyl I have on hand. It could be cut in 3 separate pieces, the top arc, the middle band and the bottom arc. I have VM LTR and cannot figure out how to devide the top and bottom arcs. I have attached the file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Logo.vDoc
  6. i will give it ago and let you know later thanks guys
  7. Rob, whazzup! Troubleshoot steps to try --- 1. Use the SignBlazer v7.0.0 hybrid from HERE - 2. Choose RedSail model and perhaps Copam, try different ones. 3. Change the Com port manually to lower than 4. 4. Did you actually see it cut before buying it?
  8. than according to the instructions either the drivers need reinstalled, wrong drivers or possibly bad board if it still comes up unknown device. I would first look for the most current ftdi drivers
  9. Thanks for your reply’s I have installed FDTI drivers when plugged in it comes up as com 4
  10. With the device manager open and the cutter powered on, plug the cutter into your computer. Your computer will make the device connection sound and may search for device drivers. The cutter uses an FTDI chipset so the computer should install the FTDI chipset driver. If your computer does not react at all to the cutter being plugged in, there may be a block in the connection. Try a different USB port on your computer (try all of them if necessary) Try a different printer cable (any standard USB printer cable will work, borrow one from another printer if needed). It is also possible that the USB port on the cutter itself has failed. USB ports are the number one service item for vinyl cutters. It is possible the internal wiring from the USB port to the motherboard has failed. If your computer automatically installs an FTDI driver (some Windows 7 and Windows 8 systems will do this successfully) then proceed to use it. The FTDI driver will show up as a COM port under Ports (COM & LPT). In some instances, it may be necessary to use an older version of the FTDI driver. If your cutter has incomplete cutting then rolling back to a prior FTDI driver is a good first step to resolve the issue. If your computer doesn’t install a driver automatically then your cutter will show up as an Unknown Device or possibly some other device. You will see the new device show up in the device manager listing. If you can’t tell which one it is, unplug the cutter from the computer and wait for device manager to update, the device attached to the cutter will disappear. Plug it back into the computer and the device will reappear. Do this as many times as needed until you find the cutter device. If your cutter is an unknown device, you will need to install an FTDI driver.
  11. try the pnc-100 drivers mentioned above to see if that works did you actually see it cut before buying it?
  12. I brought it second hand the previous owner used signblazer
  13. what software did it ship with when you bought it ?
  14. uscutter hasn't sold the p-cut for years and the current UK version is quite different from the old p-cut many of us started with so our info might be a bit dated. did the seller you bought it from have any info on setting up the plotter? current drivers? I am pretty sure the one 10 years ago worked with the roland pnc-1000 drivers but that may have changed over time
  15. HTV Help with Time/Temp and Effect

    Thank you both. I appreciate the info. I took a non-washed shirt from inventory, heated the clamshell up to 340 which put the lowest temperature area of the platen at 320ish, added a little pressure more to the "Firm" setting, pre-warmed, pressed, and waited for 1 beer and a tv show before peeling. It says to let stand for 24hr before washing. So this evening I'll wash it and post the results. Thanks again.
  16. Pleaae Please help im going Mad i Have a creation cr630 cant get it to work its driving me MAd i downloaded signblazer and the fdti Drivers as its only USB connection but it will not comunicate with signblazer when i go to cut and select cutter there is only pcut ct630 and not cr630 ive made sure all the comport settings are the same in the programme and the device manager. i watched a video on youtube which said use inkscape and Arduino this is the link below when i use inkscape and send the image to the plotter it just randomly moves and doesnt cut what ive sent to the plotter ive been at it for 2 weeks and really need help ive checked everywhere im using windows 7 laptop and tried on windows 10 laptop still the same results
  17. Hi and thank you

    As above...Siser EasyWeed is by far the easiest HTV to deal with and a good "feel". I was lucky, many years ago I found a used Hotronix 16 x 20 heat press & Cap Press locally... Then, someone on this forum was going out of business and selling their stock of HTV. What a bounty! Multitude of colors and brands.... I haven't had to buy anything but black & white for quite a while. Sue2
  18. If I install Arduino and Ink scape the plotter moves Randomly when I send the image to cut I can’t get it to move with signblazer it’s driving me mad
  19. Shop series or professional cutter?

    Awesome, I'm glad to hear that. I'm more than willing to learn Studio Pro. Anything at this point is more powerful than SB haha. Thanks!
  20. Shop series or professional cutter?

    yes sb will export .eps - and you can use the ce3000 or ce5000 drivers from signblazer with the ce6000 but once you get used to the Studio pro being a little different it is far more powerful
  21. Shop series or professional cutter?

    Graphtec for sure, have 2, great machines. mark-s
  22. Shop series or professional cutter?

    Well it looks like the Graphtec is winning so far! Most of my learning of SB is from trial and error, youtube, here and self-taught. Starting over fresh with a new program will be a pain but I'm sure it shouldn't take too long. I don't even trust stepping out of the room while my PCUT is going. I just fill what I can in one row of 24", cut, remove from cutter, cut again while I weed. If I remember correctly I can export or save my SB files as .eps? With Graphtec pro studio (Flexi) would I need to still use Inkscape to vectorize files?
  23. Shop series or professional cutter?

    Sorry I can't help out much in the graphic department due to not actually using that set-up but I have seen a lot of posts recently about the offering. You will have some learning to do for sure. I think that's a given with any change. Other than the initial pain it's usually worth the effort to improve yourself. The Graphtec's are known for being bullet proof and have built a name that few other cutters can compete with due to their reliability and build quality. I started out with a P-Cut for about 2-1/2 years so I know what you are going through. Someone once said "The quality remains long after the price has been forgotten" and that definitely hold true to cutters. My Summa is a little different but similar to the CE. I have cut 30 or 40 feet of HTV in relatively small 3" wide Left Chest logos on that thing. I set it up and got it running and went to bed and it cut all night and was sitting there when I woke up the next day. You can't do THAT with a P-Cut. Heck I couldn't get more than about 10 of anything before it wigged out.
  24. Shop series or professional cutter?

    graphtec hands down and with the free download of graphtec pro studio (flexi pro cloud) it is impossible to beat the deal - the software would run you as much as you pay for the plotter if you bought it separately. you know you are in it for a long run now after owning a cutter this long so get a graphtec ce6000-60 and be amazed
  25. Shop series or professional cutter?

    I see that a lot of professional shops use the larger Graphtecs as their main cutters, I'm simply a one-man show in a garage. I have no experiences with any other programs outside of SignBlazer. How is the program laid out? Something easy to learn and possibly convert my SB files to it? Thanks.
  26. Hi and thank you

  27. Shop series or professional cutter?

    In that price range the CE-6000 wins hands down. I believe Graphtec is now offering a free cutting software that is proprietary and basically a rebranded Flexi program. I don't own a Graphtec but it would be my #2 choice. (I run a Summa but they are half again as much as your budget and only come in 30Inch or larger)
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