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  2. arms alignment problems with fc7000 mk2

    try a factory reset
  3. I have had a Laserpoint 2 for about 3 years. Before that I had Roland for 17 years. So I'm not new to cutters. Recently, I have had to turn off the cutter in between cuts and back on, seemingly to clear the memory. I run a lot of vinyl, and that has never happened before. In case it was a software issue, I downloaded a new copy and the issue is the same. It's not really that big of deal, but I am afraid that turning it off and on so much will damage the cutter. Any thoughts?
  4. Font Help

    Hey all, long time.... Anyone help out with this font? Thanks in advance!!
  5. Yesterday
  6. lost!!!

    guys, sorry for this, i usually use a much better machine, however my son backed over it with the car, so pulled out an old master 380, i can not get it to communicate, i always used a desktop with serial port but hard drive is fried, racing season is on, and looking at a month for replacement, anyone help getting the old master up and going would be awesome, tried everything i can think of
  7. After getting my graphtec fc7000 mk2-130 out of storage, I havent been able to contour cut with it! It misaligns every single time.... even when I manually set the marks! Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  8. Should I buy from US Cutter?

    Well, so far I'm happy with my purchase, but I haven't had to call for any issues yet. I will say my order arrived very quickly, and I had it up and running much quicker and easier than I thought it would be. My only issue is that the roller guides leave marks on the vinyl, but I assume that's with most machines. i guess only time will tell, but I'm happy so far. (Knock on wood...)
  9. to sell printer or not to sell

    she still has 2 bedrooms and she picked that when she kicked it out of the family room
  10. to sell printer or not to sell

    LOL! Yea right, My wife is not ready for all of this yet.
  11. Does vinyl need to cure?

    Sign vinyls (if not mistaken) are pressure sensitive. The more you squeegee with pressure, the more it adheres to the substrate or surface you are applying to.
  12. Should I buy from US Cutter?

    I have bought 2 cutters from US CUTTER and often buy some materials. Although I'm a "one man show" they have gone above and beyond with issues, though few, on my cutters. The biggest or only complaint is being on terminal hold when trying to resolve a problem. I guess my lack of patience doesn't help either. BUT, yes I would and have recommended them many times. Just my $.02 worth.
  13. Speed/Force consensus

    For me, speed and force will be determined by design, vinyl type, and vinyl color.
  14. to sell printer or not to sell

    Problem solved! Scott, sell your stuff to Julian! Yah ... printer in the bedroom ... no-go. Hahaha. You can get some reclaimed quality time and floor space
  15. I figured it out...poor choice of language on the software "position the laser"...once I positioned the BLADE (or pen), it worked's far from perfect, but it works.
  16. that is the point of having a "automatic" registration mark sensor - no need to alight with a laser - just have to have the sensor in line with the marks so it can find them - on my roland print and cut the sensor is in line with the blade so it makes it easy and if I am off it will try again 1/2 inch to either side (up or down) from that point
  17. Platen cover?

    we all did - heck I started with a $250 sunie press before moving onto several hotronix and a knight - I used to find deals on hotronix swingers that would only go to the "Hello" screen and freeze there = after getting a bargain would fix them 2 years of vocational electronics training has paid dividends
  18. I'm still trying to figure out where to lineup...I'm about 2" off...? Looking through the manual, there's no laser point of reference.
  19. Platen cover?

    I am DEFINITELY looking into upgrading my press if this keeps building as it has. I had to start somewhere I
  20. Speed/Force consensus

    yea I only tried the 651 on mine that small and it did that same thing. Never tried it on HTV. However, you have the servo model so that killed my theory on that(I have the stepper)...LOL Now I wonder if the carrier adhesive and the stretch may be a factor in it.
  21. Platen cover?

    I used to use strong magnets to hold the teflon on the top platen - then got the hotronix with the teflon covers and love it. if you do sublimation make sure you get some butcher paper to change between presses as the ink outgasses and attaches to anything near by including teflon and then re sublimates on a later press
  22. Speed/Force consensus

    The first pic is how well it does on HTV with the servo motor. Just about 4.5mm. The second pic is Oracal 651...same size.
  23. to sell printer or not to sell

    best part of the alaska cruise/ land tour we did with princess was the 3 days prior when we rented a class c motorhome and toured ourselves. 10 to park about anywhere overnight, camper fully stocked except food and soap - and we stopped and hiked any time we wanted without a schedule. Ohhh and same price as a hotel for the rental
  24. Speed/Force consensus

    I had the same question and it came down to how small is too small. I was trying 1/8 and would get the issue really bad but on 1/4 it was not an issue. I would use only the 60 and my speed was around 30(Titan), force 120- 140, and blade depth set just barely halfway from the carrier and vinyl. I just could not get the small letters done right with any of the many settings I tried but then again I also see that using a stepper vs servo matters as well. I see that one of the Graphtech can do 1/4 without issue but again it all is a matter of dialing in and the blade used. I think I was just going past the limit of what i could do on mine.
  25. Platen cover?

    I do NOT like the clamshell since I have very large hands & arms. I burnt myself 100 times literally! My wife gave me this glove that I stretched out to fit. lol. Now if I have to adjust the design before I press I save the top of my hand.
  26. Platen cover?

    so far so good...I need to fix the corners, they get in the way...I should have folded them on the inside
  27. Why would the vinyl peel off the shirt

    I quote mine with a day extra that way they have time to set at least 24hrs. Then with the extra day that they wear it then wash I am pretty much safe. I also add a little card with care instructions just for that added insurance and explain it at the time of pickup.
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