Graphtec CE 7000 software Query

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I have just purchased a Graphtec 7000. So I'm fairly new to the scene

It is so much more advanced than a chinese plotter I use at work!

I have question about software.

I have 'Cutting Master 5' and 'Graphtec Studio 2'.

Which one is better before I learn the ins and outs of it all?

I've only had a little go on each.

I predominantly use Adobe Illustrator to design which I know goes hand in hand with Cutting Master. Its just I found this software so clunky. 

Does anyone prefer Graphtec studio even if they use adobe?

Many Thanks


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If you prefer to design in AI, then you can stick with that, and import your graphics to Graphtec Studio. 

It would help to know what platform you're using,, as Graphtec Studio for PC and Mac are hugely different. 

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