New - upstate NY & want to get started!

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Hello...been considering buying a small  "hobby" vinyl cutter to produce automotive decals.  Don't have a lot of space for a large unit.

Would like to make decals for inside automotive glass "inside & out"

Typically one color (most likely white)

Decals under 10"X10" or smaller

Need font software (basic)?

What size/style cutting tips do I need.

Which vinyl material do I start with.

Hope this is enough info to suggest a quality basic unit and supply sources.


BTW Do these units create a lot of odor:-)?



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Although you'll be tempted to go with the "mini" units, highly discourage you from that.

Take a look at your space and somehow squeeze in a 24" SC2 cutter. You'll be forever grateful not to have limited yourself down to the tiny dimensions of those 12" models.

No discernable lingering odor from the vinyl, it's not toxic-level (noticable sometimes, but no biggie). I kinda like it. But then again, I also am comfortable pumping gasoline and inhaling deeply!

Vinyl for automotive glass? 751 cast. ( I just got a full roll of it, paid $300.)

Remember that windshields are not flat, they run in several axis and curves, you have to get used to arcing text to follow those dimensions. (All design programs will allow you to arc text).

Don't forget, it's not just the cutter sitting there in your workspace, also a computer and a table for weeding & taping (and dropping onto substrates, as required). And tools. Rulers, knives, scissors, squeegees, pickers, tape measure, masking tape, bubble level, etc.


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