Roland BN-20A will not print or cut

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OK, novice here. Be gentle please. It worked fine the day before. Did my daily cleaning, and now, after attempting with several different files, it does the same thing every time. Regardless of having it set to print and cut, print only, or cut only, even with not cut lines, no rip button pushed. It ALWAYS processes a rip, then processes the print, and you can see the progression climb to 100 in both. However, the only function the printer itself actually does is advance the roll at the beginning. That's it. I did a test print and cut in the adjustments tab in the utility and it worked perfectly, so I know the printer isn't "broken". I'm thinking it must be a setting somewhere. So, I Uninstaller and reinstalled Versaworks. Same result. Of course this happened on Friday night and no Bell and Howell available. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any insight. 

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first step I would reinstall the printer driver itself after downloading direct from roland - in case that got corrupted.   I am guessing that this is the same computer that you printed from the day before?  have you tried replacing the cord (not sure if bn-20 uses a usb or a network cable).  personally I always had 2 computers set up to print from so I would try the other computer.

Nothing to do with your problem but a side note and advice for a newbie:
Make sure you leave the printer plugged in so it can do the self cleanings 3-4 times a day by itself - your print head is one of the most expensive I have seen and once clogged the nozzles on a solvent printer don't come back like on a aqueous printer - that little bit of ink a day it uses to clean is just a cost of doing business and much less than a print head.

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