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I had a problem with my blade dragging slightly over the vinyl between several cuts. Like the blade/carriage arm wasn't retracting all the way up, between cuts.
Blade depth was set correct. 
Here's how I fixed the issue.
I noticed that the blade holder was not perpendicular to the carriage arm and with the carriage arm up, there still was 1-2 mm's left for the carriage arm to go up, but it didn't...

^Blade holder not perpendicular with carriage arm. This is the "up" position...

I took my tools and opened the carriage arm assembly, to find that the little spring wasn't retracting the assembly up all the way. Also not possible to get more spring tension by turning the "spring tension" screw.


^Handle with care, these delicate pieces. Take good notice when assembling back together that it moves freely.

While the arm was off I filed the slot, where the blade holder fits in, until the blade holder was perfectly perpendicular to the arm.

After the arm was installed back on, I cut a piece of the spring and adjusted the screw in such a way that it retracts the arm all the way up between cuts.

^Blade holder perpendicular to the carriage arm after I filed the slot. Also the shortened spring now retracts the arm all the way up. 

After these "fixes" there is about 2 mm's more clearance between tip of blade and cutter strip.
Blade is now:
-not dragging and
-not leaving cut marks between cuts.

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