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Inkscape 64Bit Windows

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I am giving the Pre-Release Versions (0.91 Pre2) 64bit Windows Version a whirl.  As it is 64 bit, it is not surprising the SignCutPro extension to "Send to SignCut" does not appear.  


Has anyone heard of a possibility there will be an export version that will work with the soon to be stable 64 bit release of Inkscape?  


I suppose SignCut itself would have to be released as 64bit first.  I don't think it is possible to make the 32bit plugin work with the 64bit version, but maybe one of you fine people know a work around.


Version .91 has some new muscle.  I am giving it a real eyeball to replace my Corel X7 subscription.  It has some fantastic things, especially in node and path editing/manipulation.


Of course it is easy to live without the plugin just adding a few more steps to get it into SignCut.  It would just be nice. 

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