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Hey everyone ! 

I have a customer that keeps saying the file I send him is not working and I converted it a couple times he keeps saying it needs to be vectored which i know clearly cause we are working on making t-shirts and sweat shirts. is there anyone out there that can help me out and vector this file for me ? I'm still a noob and clearly having an issue this would be the only one i need done only cause the guys in a rush and i can't figure what I'm doing wrong ... then again i only got scut and inkscape so maybe thats the issue ? Please feel free to PM me with any questions and I really really apperatie this all to whoever helps me out ! :)


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Is the attached image the file you are sending the guy? If so, it is a raster image. To vector it;

open the image in inkscape

click the image to select it

go to the tool bar, select Path->Trace Bitmap

the default settings should be good then just click ok.


Text never traces very well so you'd be best off deleting the text and redoing it with the text tool in Inkscape.

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I found a vector drawing of Long Island and placed it into your car outline. I simplified the island a little, if this is going to be done with vinyl you'll want to simplifie it even more or it will be a weeding nightmare.


Also, not sure if you realized or care, but your island isn't proportioned correctly, it's a bit squashed.


Make any adjustments to the island, add your text and you should be good to go.




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