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Hey everyone, 


We are still new to this game and I've been reading and viewing some price calculators on the forums.  I wanted to make a simple one but I'm not sure on my math! I've had customers ask for smaller decals in larger quantities, so I figured I should see my cost per Sq" not Sq' . I feel like the cost is way too low? even with the 100% material mark up I have used.  Is this normal?


Just enter variables into the dark green slots. 



This is for MATERIALS ONLY... no labor or overhead etc







Please let me know what you think. 


I have double checked using this site I've found and it seems correct.

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3 Major Problems you have:


1) This is the biggest one - You are not factoring for your time to weed and mask and your machine time to actually cut

2) You are not factoring for waste. You need to factor for actual material usage versus decal size.

3) You are not factoring for complexity. Its inherent that more complex images require more labor/work and are more susceptible to errors and waste.


You have a good start in factoring your cost but things are going to be low due to only factoring for 1/4 of the actual job.


Here is how to figure out the true cost and essentially the billable price:

1) Calculate hard costs (Material, consumables, etc.) - Figure out actual usage of materials: Live area and Waste and multiply by cost; Calculate consumable usage: Blade Life & Cutting Strip.

2) Calculate Time/Labor - First Calculate cut time: Remember your machine can't make money when it is tied up on a job + it has to pay for itself; Now factor for time to weed and tape: I figure out the average time it takes me to weed 1 sq ft of standard vinyl and then multiply based on complexity upto 5x. Then you need to calculate the cost based on what your hourly machine value is and what you want to pay yourself per hour times 1.35 for taxes/etc.

3) This part is up to you: Multiple your hard costs by your markup factor, then multiply your labor costs by your markup factor, finally add together for final price.


I think I have a couple of my old spreadsheets I can send you once I dig them up.

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