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  1. Hey everyone, We are still new to this game and I've been reading and viewing some price calculators on the forums. I wanted to make a simple one but I'm not sure on my math! I've had customers ask for smaller decals in larger quantities, so I figured I should see my cost per Sq" not Sq' . I feel like the cost is way too low? even with the 100% material mark up I have used. Is this normal? Just enter variables into the dark green slots. This is for MATERIALS ONLY... no labor or overhead etc PRICE CALC Please let me know what you think. I have double checked using this site I've found and it seems correct.
  2. VinylWerx

    laserpoint 2 cutting issues- please advise

    So after about an hour of tech support with USCutter, the very last thing they asked me to check was the carriage assembly. Its simple to check. 1. Power off your your plotter. 2. see if the blade holder is sagging. ( it should automatically spring up ALL THE WAY) Video of my disassembled carriage showing the issue. They are sending me a replacement. we came to this conclusion because if I put the pen adapter in and selected that it was the pen, it would draw the design no problem, but as soon as we replaced the blade(which is heavier) it would drag and not cut correctly.
  3. VinylWerx

    laserpoint 2 cutting issues- please advise

    1. no sort of vacuum effect 2. SCALpro that came with my cutter, registered it asap. 3. it does "poof" up no matter what i do.
  4. We have a laserpoint 2 and it seems to screw up on every cut. Like the blade doesnt lift high enough when moving across the vinyl. video of issue
  5. VinylWerx

    Hello From Montebello, CA

    Hello, My name is John. Our company is called VinylWerx, based out of our home in Montebello, CA. We are a husband & wife team who started out trying to make customized items for ourselves in our small home office. We thought other people might have similar interests and may like our designs, so we decided to start up an Etsy shop. We are both hardworking individuals who have persevered over a lot of obstacles. We both work full time to make ends meet, but dream of one day being able to focus solely on Vinyl Werx. Our attempt to find decals and shirts that represent our favorite interests turned into a journey to create these items ourselves. We quickly realized that craft store equipment was not up to par with what we wanted to produce. We invested some of our hard earned money and bought the equipment from USCutter.