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  1. The Titan 2, I figured it was the cheapest cutter that could do anything I could possibly want to do
  2. I did think of that and am aware of that issue... but thankfully the plans I print at the 24" width do not use the line width to indicate anything. I still plan to use my 13" wide format printer for most of the plans including all of them where line width matters, but saving me from having to run to the print shop 99% of the time is a big benefit. Thank you again so much for all your help! I just ordered this thing... I can't wait to get playing with it next week! You definitely helped convince me to spend a few extra bucks, so my wallet should be mad and USCutter should be happy with you! lol I'm sure I'll have questions next week after I get playing with it
  3. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see it! Happy thanksgiving!
  4. Thanks so much for your information! I'm hoping someone can test it soon and post a picture, if it comes out well I'm ready to order it!
  5. Hi all, I work in construction and was toying with the idea of starting to make signs and decals in house and trying to figure out how much it will cost me, but when I noticed you can put a pen on them and use them as a pen plotter as well, I was wondering... is this good enough as a pen plotter to make construction blueprints? i.e, will the Titan 2 be able to legibly write small text/numbers that is perhaps 8 or 10 pts? Does anyone have any pictures of samples of small text out of this machine? I was leaning towards the SC series originally, and have the same questions about that machine if anyone has both? If I can't reliably do blueprints or the other one can do it too, I'd like to save the money and get that one instead. I won't be printing too many blueprints on it, most will likely go to my 13" wide format printer I already have, but some plans need to be on 24" where I currently need to run to a print shop to pick up and I definitely don't do enough volume to warrant buying a dedicated wide format printer. Or am I not being realistic hoping for a dual purpose machine?