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  1. I don't know if it's related to transparencies because I also imported a two color image without any transparency and still had the same issue. May it's because no colors were completely inside the edges? Each of color used one or more edges of the image as its border.
  2. Not at all happy with this software. What the cut preview shows doesn't match in any way, shape or form as to how it actually cuts the material. That's not a problem if it's an uncut sheet but, if the sheet already has something cut out and you want to cut something else, good luck trying to guess where the second cut will end up on the sheet. It mirrors when mirror isn't selected, places items next to the edge even though Absolute Position is selected. Who knows what else. What it looks like on the design screen, the cut preview screen and how it get cut can be three entirely different things. All I know is the P.O.S. software just destroyed a large piece of chrome car wrap and now I don't have time to get more before the project is due.
  3. Of course it was a raster image because that was the problem. It wouldn't Vectorize them so, there was no way to create a vectorized image that I could upload. HOWEVER, I SOLVED THE PROBLEM. This is an instance where the solution is simple but finding the solution is a P.I.T.A. For some reason, VinylMaster always gets it wrong when automatically detecting the field vs background. For instance, my original image had a black image on a transparent background, imported as a .PNG. When I opened the Vectorizer window, it always selected the transparent background (shown as white) as the field and the black field color had a red X through it to turn it off and not be traced. This was true even if I uploaded a two color image without any transparent areas or even placed a border around the entire image. The solution for me was merely to right-click the white color below in the color boxes which placed a red X over it and, right-click the black color box to remove the red X from it. That way black was set as the correct area to be traced. Once I did that, it was able to Vectorize the imported raster image and I cut my sample vinyl test piece. Hopefully Future will catch wind of this problem and fix it in their next software update. Now the real fun begins, cutting the actual chrome vinyl and installing without any mistakes on a black Maserati! The stripes probably won't be too difficult but the rear window graphics have a lot of fine details in them.
  4. Whenever I Send to Cutter, an error pops up saying "Nothing to cut" even though I Vectorize the imported images first. All support solutions I've found online say to vectorize the raster image first but, I am doing that first. I contacted US Cutter support and the representative took over control of my computer by remote access and she was unable to get it to work either. She said VinylMaster wasn't actually vectorizing the images. She was able to install and make Cuts A Lot 3 Pro demo software vectorize and cut. Ican't use the demo to cut my vinyl because it adds extra cut lines. I tried it with various raster file formats; .BMP, .JPG, .PNG & .TIF. Attached are all the files I tried. I have submitted a support ticket directly to http://www.future.support/index.php but they never responded. Any help from someone who has resolved this problem would be greatly appreciated as I have to have this and some much more complicated images cut and installed before this coming Sunday. OS: Windows 10 Cutter: US Cutter MH 871-MK2 Image Software: Photoshop Elements 12 CtrStripeShort.bmp CtrStripeShort.tif