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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have been spending a lot of time reading through before posting this question. Every post I've come across regarding unfinished cuts comes down to SB not having an overcut option, people always suggest increasing offset and the original poster comes back saying that doesn't work (and I agree because it didn't work for me either). Now what I'm wondering is whether there is anyone out there using a PCut 630 with SB that is NOT experiencing this undercut issue? So far the evidence suggests no, however when everything is working correctly people don't tend to post to forums. To clarify what I mean by undercut, basically shapes are not always closed, the end point is always 0.5mm+1mm short of the starting point on a circle for instance. On large objects this isn't as big of a deal but when shapes get down to under an inch this can make weeding a real pain. None of the posts I was able to find seemed to be solved, the suggests/solutions were to switch to different software or to buy a non-value cutter. I'd just like to know if anyone has actually made this work, if so I'll know my struggle is worth it Extra info: Cutter PCut 630 USB model (not sure if CR or CT) Software SignBlazer in trial mode (have only ever used this software so I've always experienced this issue) Tried adjusting offset from 0.0 to 1.0 in 0.1 steps, gap remains unaffected while corners begin to overshoot. No play in blade holder and pinch rollers don't appear to be slipping, also blade rotates freely in holder. Can't afford expensive software, trying to get inkscape working but so far unsuccessful.
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    Does everyone experience undercut on a PCut using SB?

    Anyone use Vinylmaster Cut? It looks like there is a trial available for that too so I think I'll give that a shot as well. The price is more in my justifiable range, I'm not looking at doing tons of paid jobs on this machine, just a little side work here and there for my employer or friends. I've got a busy couple days so I might not get a chance to do this until the weekend, I'll post back with any discoveries I make.
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    Does everyone experience undercut on a PCut using SB?

    The weird thing is I can't find mention of Flexistarter anywhere on the SAI website, also all the reseller websites I can find (uscutter included) show it as either out of stock of no longer available. Oddly my local print shop said the cheapest version they can get is $1200CAD. I would prefer not to buy off ebay if at all possible but should it come to that I'd like to try a demo first. I might have to wait a bit anyway for the Canadian dollar to bounce back As for the blade depth, it appears I've been doing it right as I've done both steps you suggest (outside the holder and in machine). When I first got the machine (used) the blade was way out and it was in the front holder, I'm not sure what that person was cutting but before I ran it the first time I followed the user manual and put it into the holder in the rear position (closest to the rollers). Thanks for all the info!
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    Does everyone experience undercut on a PCut using SB?

    @ Mz SKEETER, when I'd looked up Flexicut the cheapest was far more expensive than that ebay listing ($395.00 US). Also that listing is for Flexi Cloud but no indication of what the term is, typically any cloud application is a subscription service, the pricing I was able find shows $59.99/mo. I've always been hesitant to buy any software off of ebay. I'll still see if I can find a demo to try though. Also, I was busy last night after work and didn't get a chance to try out the demo of signcut so nothing to report yet. @BearlyRich, you are correct there are no overlap or overcut settings. I also double checked and I have the CT-630 and would have verified that when installing the software, I just couldn't remember off the top of my head as I was posting this from work and didn't have access to my plotter. That's interesting to know it works with your CT-900 though since the only difference should really be the software would then know the width. To confirm you're running SB on your CT900? Maybe you could screenshot some of your configuration settings and let me know your cutter settings? I'm running speed at 40 and press is at 95, the blades I have are in a case that looks like this and I have my blade sticking out about 1/64". I've also ordered a replacement cutting strip as mine appears to have some deeper cuts in places, this might also explain why I'm seeing worse undercuts on some shapes and not others, might just be where that cut takes place along the strip.
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    Does everyone experience undercut on a PCut using SB?

    Mz SKEETER I'll give that a try, most of the demo software I'd come across seemed too crippled to even use so I possibly overlooked this one. As for speed, yes I tried going down to 20 (from 40) and it didn't help at all, any slower and it would take hours to cut A lot of people mentioned that the more expensive cutters have some sort of overcut built into their firmware but the value ones don't. I'll try out signcut and post back, I was hoping for a cheaper option if possible. I've been working with inkscape for years so all I need out of the software is the ability to place and cut not to design. Thanks