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  1. Hello everyone!


    I have been cutting with an US Cutter SC Series plotter for the last 5 months or so. I had been using my laptop. I bought a new desktop and connected my plotter and installed the software, now all of a sudden it doesn't want to cut. It goes through the motions but when I weed it, none of my circles come out. I had been cutting at 225 pressure but that doesn't make a dent. I increased it to 325 and the template tore when I pulled it off my cutting mat. Any suggestions or ideas as to why this is happening?

  2. Hi everyone!


    Since the weather is finally warming up, I'd like to be able to offer my designs on tank tops. I'm a little considered about pressing rhinestones, vinyl, and heat transfers to ribbed tanks. For the folks that make tanks - do you find the ribbed tanks to be problematic? Are there any quality tanks WITHOUT ribs? What would you recommend?


    Thanks in advance!

  3. I've begun to experiment with screen print transfers and am having mixed results. Some come out perfect. Some - not so much. Either the screen print doesn't come off completely or it applies but then lifts. Out of 14 shirts, I had issues with 6. Any idea on why this is happening? I'm using 385 degrees, 12 seconds, and medium pressure.

  4. Wildgoose....I think the 2nd option would be best, with placing the outline over the top. I think I'm correct in saying I need to have 2 of the same words in order to accomplish this, with the solid color word being larger. Correct me if I'm wrong....now:


    1. How much larger should it be?

    2. How do I create an outline?


    Once again, I am a Newbie. Got this bright idea one day and just ran with it.....please excuse my ignorance.

  5. I'm not sure of the correct terminology but, this is what I'm wanting to do on the back of a black t-shirt. Using the word 'HAGGINS', I want to print it in black vinyl. I think I have that concept grasped. Now, here's the tricky part for me: using the same word, I would like to layer it in white. My finished product would ultimately be black wording that has a white outline. How can this be done? I've attached a picture to help make sense of my question. Thanks!



  6. Hi! I am using an SC cutter with SCALP3. Is there any way I can add a cut line to my template material once the design has been cut? Seems like this would be better than having to unload the material from the cutter and eyeballing it to cut it off from the rest of the roll of material. Hope this makes sense. :huh:

  7. I am using a 60 degree blade. I noticed I did need to expose more than usual. I'm testing now with speed of 300, pressure of 200, and a double cut. Seems like everything I've read suggests a pressure of 180-200. That's not getting me ANYWHERE.


    Donn...do you use the SC series?

  8. I was able to get a few templates done with my template material from Specialty Graphics. Now, I'm trying to use Sticky Flock with no success. I've adjusted my blade so a little is exposed or a lot is exposed. I've played with the pressure....anywhere from 225-325 and nothing seems to be working. It's cutting, but not deep enough. Any suggestions on the pressure with this SC series cutter? Thanks!

  9. Wildgoose,


    I had to remove the majority of the dots from the template. Some pulled away when I pulled the template off the carrier sheet. I was under the impression all the dots would pull away like I've seen in the YouTube tutorials. If having to remove some of them manually is the norm, then that relieves my mind. I thought I may have been doing something wrong. I adjusted my blade as suggested in the tutorial but do you think I may need to have a little bit more of it exposed? I played around with the pressure already and that's how I was ultimately able to make some type of headway. Let me know your thoughts....Thanks!

  10. Hello all! I received my SC cutter yesterday and finally was able to crank out a template today. My problem now is, the rhinestones won't stick to the shirt. I used Specialty Graphics Supply's Rhinestone Transfer Tape that came in their starter kit. I used my iron on the wool setting and ironed over a hand towel for about 3 minutes.


    P.S. Had to weed ALOT of the stones. Thought it would come out in one motion like I've seen on youtube videos.


    Any suggestions?