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  1. I've been using the waterproof semi-gloss cold laminate roll from Papillo (Duradecal) for the longest time (back when they were Texas craft) but they always seem to be out of stock on the rolls. Can anyone recommend a similar cold laminate for stickers? I usually inkjet print on sticker paper, cold laminate, and then contour cut.
  2. TonZaga

    Number font help

    Thanks so much, Sue2!!!
  3. TonZaga

    Number font help

    Any idea on what font this is in the number below? TIA
  4. TonZaga

    Font of the numbers, anyone?

    Thanks Mark-s!!!!
  5. TonZaga

    Font of the numbers, anyone?

    Looking for the exact font of these numbers please. Thanks!
  6. TonZaga

    Need to know this font please

    anyone else? Custom font maybe?
  7. TonZaga

    Need to know this font please

    Should be fixed now?
  8. TonZaga

    Need to know this font please

    Needing the font that the 'CSC' is written in please. Thanks in advance
  9. TonZaga

    Font name please

    Looking for this font name
  10. TonZaga

    Semi transparent matte vinyl

    I'm looking to redo the taillights of my car because it's been about 5 years and the vinyl is shrinking to reveal some red around the taillights. I had purchased vinyl wrapped taillights from another message board prior to getting into vinyl stuff myself. Not sure what material they used but it looks to be 20-30% transparent. Just wondering if anyone has dealt with a vinyl that is transparent and hopefully a matte black/smoked finish to match the paint of my car.
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    Hello from Oregon

    Welcome from Kentucky!
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome from Kentucky!
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    New Old guy from the Ozarks

    Welcome from Kentucky!
  14. TonZaga

    Hello from St Louis

    Welcome from Kentucky! I started with a Cameo myself and just bought a LP2 25". Liking it so far
  15. TonZaga

    Anyone what this font is?

    Thanks Mark!