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  1. I installed the software ad can select the MH721 but with negative results. Verry different lines on the vinyl. I lost much vinyl in total with all the tests. Maybe it is the hardware I think about giving up and throw the machine to the garbage and buy a Silhoette cutter I have seen that machine by a friend and that machine cuts great Thanks a lott for your help and patiente
  2. Hi S&D I did not have time to try till now. I did install the UScutter driver from the shortcut on my desktop but they do not appear in the dropdown list in SBE Cutter setup I tried several other drivers, also the Generic HPGL driver as you mentioned. With every driver I get differnet results. One better than the other but still no good one. You mentioned the roland driver but which one should be the best? Also grounded the machine to the frame, I saw a lot of topics about that but that did not fix the problem. I think the correct driver in SBE is the solution ( I hope ) but cannot select the MH cutter Fred
  3. Hi S&D I will try later today. I can remember I did install the files from the USCutter Driver folder but after that I could not choose the refine cuttet in the cutter setup menu. I inform you later Thanks for your assist in this. Otherwise it would be very different for a newbie like me.
  4. Yes Slice and Dice I am glad that I do not have to buy new hardware. When I try to cut a symbol in Signblazer ( for example a circle) it looks good on the screen but on the fynil it is very different You can see some parts of the circle and a lot of line next to it and through it. In the test cut from the MH271 himself it looks good I think it must be a setting or something like that. I have tried with redsail cutter in the settings because refine cutters does not show up
  5. Hi Slice and Dice Good day for you to After posting this morning I have contact with the plotter , Happy about that. Tried another computer and saw in the hardware list a USB 2.0 Serial and installed USB Serial CH340 and setup signblazer to Blazer COM4: - USB-SERIAL CH340 and I can CUT Now a new problem: he does not cut the shapes which are on the screen maybe some other settings are not correct Now I know I have connection with the plotter I try several programms and settings Thanks Mate for the help
  6. Hi Matty I have it also working now Great
  7. Hi Matty2583 Glad you sorted out, but what was the fix. I have the same problem Hope you can help Thanks
  8. Hi Slice & Xice. I still bope it is a port problem. Not really familiar with the com settings Looked at: Control Panel___ System___ Hardware tab___Device Manager___Ports ____ Communications Port (COM1) ___ (right click==Properties) __ Port Settings ___ Advanced (button) ___ COM PORT # And found that this setting is set on COM 1. But are these settings for the serial cable or the Usb cable with the USB cable I see in the hardware list: Unknown Device Sorry for all the stupid questions :-(
  9. Hi Dakotagrafx I have installed the USB (FTDI) driver --- http://www.ftdichip....20828_Setup.exe on advise from Slice and Dice.
  10. Hi Slice & Dice I have connected the MH721 to a clean XP machine, because on the other one I already installed a lot of drivers programms to get the cutter working Installes the mentioned drivers and software. After connecting the USB cable the message of new hardware appears: USB 2.0-Serial and that he could not install Try to cut with Signblazer the message : Can not open output device, Error initializing cutter I selected the Redsail RS720C on Blazer.COM1 and also tried the Summa USB but same problem I hope someone can give me a solution with this information. Regards
  11. Hi Thanks from The Netherlands for your quick respons I know it is a little stupid to buy without seeing the machine works. The seller showed me the test cut from the machine himself so I thought GREAT! It works Now the machine did not work I did a lot of reading on the forum and noticed a lot of problems. Is replacing the motherboard expensive. It has to beshipped to Halland I will try these steps tonight and inform you. Thanks
  12. Fredk

    Glad I ve found this place!

    Hi I am Also new and from The Netherlands. Only problem is that my MH271 is not working I already placed a topic about this and hope someone can help
  13. Hi I am a newby with a MH721 cutter. I have read a lot on the internet in topics before I made this topic because I can not get the plotter working I bought a second hand MH721, think a MK1 but he has a USB and Serial and a Parralel port. Tried all the ports with different cables, all kind of OS: W8, W7 and W XP but can not get any communications between plotter and Computer. Maybe the plotter is broken ( he cuts the test symbol correct ) I really do not know My question is what is the best way to setup ( and test ) a connection, OS, Cable and cutting software. Please help because I am getting a little frustrating after two weeks struggling Fred