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    Please help! Plotter not closing cuts

    I found the other place to change offset and realized my plotter was set for a blade different than what i am using. THANKS!
  2. KRStudios

    Please help! Plotter not closing cuts

    I have tried restoring factory defaults. There are two different offset settings- offset angle and offset force. which one should be zero?
  3. I have a Graphtec CE5000-120 and after someone (who shall remain nameless) used it, destroyed the cutting strip, and messed with settings, it is no longer closing the cuts on letters and shapes. I have replaced the teflon cutting strip, I have changed out the blade and the blade holder, I have checked the blade and holder for dirt/vinyl reminants, etc; I have put a drop of oil into the holder, I have tried everything that I have seen suggested for people having a similar problem and nothing seems to be working. I am open to other suggestions! Thanks!!