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  1. Sorted it, plotter now working, thanks Matty
  2. Hi, the software that I got with it that I'm planning on using to start off with is artcut software, but I'm not at that stage as the computer isn't actually recognising the plotter, so the software can't link to the plotter as it doesn't have a com port asigned to it, I've tried it on xp, vista and Windows 7 I also have flexi that I also aim to use once the plotter is recognised on the computer
  3. hi, i have trawled a lot of forums, installed a lot of drivers and i am still no further, ive recently bought a second hand refine mh721 and it came without any drivers. i have downloaded the drivers from the us cutter suport site-FTDI and still no further, i seen the plotter working on the sellers computer so i know it works. in the device manager it is appearing as USB2.0-Serial and i just can not get it to appear as a cutting plotter, could anybody please walk me through the process and what sites hold the relevent drivers that i need? any help will be most greatfull thanks in advance for any help matty