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    Sc 34 inch

    lol I use to own a Roland cox 300 and it was a good machine but I got out of the hobby and let it go cheap . I'm going to save up and get another one.
  2. justso12331

    Sc 34 inch

    Anyone know what causes the machine to cut and not completing cut . Posted pics of it. The corner of the o looks like the photo of the p. Any help would be appreciated. I'm using scalp
  3. justso12331

    Sc 34 inch

    Ok I lowered the speed 300, and the pressure to 85. I also messed with the overcut, I'm pretty sure I've got it close to cutting normal, just gotta fine tune the settings. I appreciate all the help thanks everyone
  4. justso12331

    Sc 34 inch

    Will try it soon as I get home and let you know.thanks