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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone knows of an online vendor that can do printed on, die-cut vinyl like the kind that is installed on car doors. I have a cutter but I don't have the equipment to print on vinyl. I'm looking for a vendor that will allow me to create the design, upload it to them and then have the printed on, die-cut vinyl shipped to me. If anyone knows of a vendor they can recommend, I would really appreciate it. Thanks Dana
  2. mr_signs

    Signcut Makes Multiple Passes

    Awesome I will try that out!! That would do it. I'll post how that goes tomorrow... Thanks again!
  3. mr_signs

    Signcut Makes Multiple Passes

    Hello Everyone, Hoping someone on here can help me out... Signcut makes 2-3 passes over the same cut even though I have it set to only make 1 pass. Not sure what i am doing wrong if anything. I was able to reduce the number of nodes the vectorized image had so I don't think thats the problem. Any help would be appreciated! Here's my setup: Macbook OSx 10.5.8 Signcut Pro w/Mac Build 1.07 AI CS4 Maybe the trace option in AI is causing this? I just need it to stop after the first pass and move on to the next, you! Thanks!
  4. mr_signs

    Poor Customer Service Issues

    Again, this issue is not resolved. I need Brandon or someone at USC to please call me. I dont want to continue this issue on the board but due to lack of response, I must. Some one please call me, I have been beyond patient.
  5. mr_signs

    Poor Customer Service Issues

    Hi, can someone from USC please give me a call about this issue. AB-16546. I left VM and emails yesterday, still no response.
  6. mr_signs

    Poor Customer Service Issues

    Ok. In order to put this matter to rest, I must say Marcus is a man of his word and the issue is being resolved. USC will be taking care of the shipping and the exchange, no cost to me. He even pm-ed me along with a few other members from USC. Faith and confidence has been restored. I apologize to those that think I was bad mouthing the company prior to a resolution being enacted. I was extremely frustrated when Friday came and went. With that said, I would like to thank Marcus, Brandon for (responding), BannerJohn for all his help and Yaro for calling me and settling the issue! Being a business owner myself, I understand that things do happen sometime! Marcus handled this quickly and I thank him for that. I also now have a better understanding of what USC is all about. Thanks guys!!
  7. mr_signs

    Poor Customer Service Issues

    Well I sure hope this can be resolved tomorrow. As I stated before one of the major reasons I chose to buy from USCutter was the fact that the Customer Service Reps seemed to be very responsible and reliable here on the forum. I understand that "things" happen sometimes but, it is how those issues are resolved that can be most telling. We'll see...
  8. Ok. I've been researching quite a bit on this site as I was interested in adding vinyl cut products to my current business. I finally narrowed my choice down to the Copam 2500 as it seemed to be a cutter that will last me a while and perform well for the long term. Well last week wednesday 1/20/10 after much anticipation, I finally received my Copam and the other supplies I ordered (12 pack greenstar vinyl, squeeges, etc). Thursday 1/21/10 I went ahead and pulled the copam out of the box put it together only to find out that the NEW Copam I paid full price for from this site ($750) was apparently refurbished! The cutter not only has a crooked roller holder (which will not roll correctly) SOMEONE ACTUALLY TOOK A BLACK MAGIC MARKER AND COVERED OVER SCRATCHES TO THE CAP!!! Even the LED shows use. I called USCutter immediately and after being passed around a few times, I was told that I would have to pay for the return shipping!! At first I was told it would be $60-70 to return and then $30. Q: WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING WHEN I PAID FOR A NEW MACHINE DIRECT FROM USCUTTER? Why is their error (lack of quality control) my fault? I spoke to BrandonD (who stated he was the manager for customer service) on that Thursday. He then told me to send him the pictures, which I did that day. So Friday 1/22/10 rolls around and no word from Brandon. No return email and no call back after leaving him a voicemail. I don't get this company...what company does this? At this point I am not even confident that if I return the machine for an exchange, that it will even be new! All the while they are in the process of losing a new customer that had every intention on "working" with them based on this great forum. Today is Sunday and they are closed but I am extremely annoyed by their lack of concern. I mean I didn't even get a return email stating anything. I spent almost $1000 on my order! What do you think??