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  1. term_paint

    Help with Vector - RV for my camper

  2. term_paint

    Help with Vector - RV for my camper

    No just something similiar....Thanks
  3. I have a vinyl and a cnc router. I need a vectored image of a RV and maybe a small dog looking out the window. I have proven that i do not have the ability to make a vector lol. Anyone that can help or requires a couple of dollars to make it please let me know. I have attached a picture of the RV that i would kinda like and a picture of the dog so you know what i am talking about....Thanks so much. Ok one last thing i am not looking for perfection just something nice, even a cartoon spin would work. Thanks
  4. term_paint

    Corel Draw Version Help Needed

    I am looking for design software that i can print from like corel even if i have to step back to a windows 7 or 95 computer?
  5. term_paint

    Corel Draw Version Help Needed

    Hello, I have a cr630 vinyl cutter and running windows 10. I am looking to use corel draw and not sure what version hopefully an older version to keep the cost down. I have been running Sign blazer and would like to get away from that program also because of all the patches and stuff. I have still not found a patch to work. Please give your best opinion because i am just a hobbist that likes to print graphics for RC Models. Thanks.
  6. term_paint

    Stick Figures

    Anybody have any vectored stick figures my wife is looking for the stick figures and stick animals to put on her van....Thanks
  7. term_paint

    Logo Cutting in Vinyl.

    Quick question if i cut a register logo what are the legalities to doing that. Any information would be helpful. Example Browning Logo
  8. I am going to attach my file i transformed into a eps. I think in some areas i have the cut path screwed up...Could someone please check real quick i greatly appreciate it...Thanks and Merry Christmas megaeps.eps megaeps.eps
  9. term_paint

    Cheerleader Horn

    I am looking for a cheer leader horn?? I am not sure what it is really called but it is like a horn. Any ideas What a parent will do for a child....lol
  10. I need a design for my cornhole boards if someone has either a rock guitar or silouette drums that would be a huge help...I cannot open an AI file that is the only problem...I am using sign blazer to cut.
  11. term_paint

    Let me restate my question....

    I am trying to make a vectorized graphic that is two colors......The inside is blue letters and they should have a black outline....I am not able to figure out how to do this i can of course cut the blue letters but then they are not outlined in black...I know you have to cut each one sepserate but i am not able to figure out how to make the graphic in two colors so when you resize it everything resizes...I have just never done letters with a black outline....
  12. term_paint

    Help with Two Color Cut

    Some one was kind enough to make this vector for me but i need to cut the NC in blue...Then there should be a Black outline around it...Anyone have any ideas...It is for my sons christmas.....I have sign blazer and inkscape software....I cannot put an ai in inkscape for some reason... unc_bk_logo2250_TRACE.ai unc_bk_logo2250_TRACE.ai
  13. term_paint

    Help with UNC Logo/Tarheel Foot

    They look great but i cannot open an AI file???
  14. term_paint

    Help with UNC Logo/Tarheel Foot

    Anyone able to vector the UNC Logo and the Tar Heel Foot....It is for my sons christmas this is what he wants...
  15. term_paint

    Multi Color Vinyl Cutter Graphic

    I want to do a graphic which is the tarheel foot but it has more than one color...I understand that you cut out color by color but how do you apply them...Is it done wet or is there a trick to place one vinyl over the other??? Any help would be appreciated....