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  1. ammo

    pontoon graphic

    by the way the eps is alot cleaner looking....
  2. ammo

    pontoon graphic

    pontoon boat i made pontoon.EPS
  3. my first shirt..i did get it a little low in the back need to get me a T square.....wooo hooo
  4. use a permenant marker and put a big F in it where the c is so you dont forget i
  5. everything says C but will not work at those settings (i can touch the top platten and not get burned changed temp. to F and worked perfect...... have contacted them to make sure and inform them of the problem...
  6. thanks fire malt, saved me alot of searching....
  7. ammo

    homemade solution comparable to rapid tac2

    wonder if the window you was applying to had rainx on it? vinyl will not stick to rainx treated windows
  8. ammo

    Kentucky Wildcats

    here is one i cut for a bed... UK .EPS UK PAW.EPS UK .EPS UK PAW.EPS
  9. For vinyl only I'd be around $150-160 I'd install it on it too for that price, no biggie. thanks i know some charge for original art work told the guy it was between $150 and $200 sign if made by a pro, which i am
  10. courious how much accually charge doing this for a friend but going to trade out for work on my vehicle it is 2 foot tall 5 foot wide he furnished the substraint i did make the dump truck (art work)
  11. ammo

    need help to identify

    thank you in advance