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  1. SignGame

    Please Help Me!

    I got it for you , let me know if this will work, or if you need more. muskegon muskegon
  2. SignGame

    changing resolution

    What program is the design in?
  3. SignGame


    FROG JUICE is the way to go, won't yellow and hardens crystal clear
  4. The only way I would stop using sign blazer to cut w/ is if I had Flexi, anything else doesn't make sense.
  5. SignGame

    Need some help, and Hi again!

    Easiest, fastest, best solution, cut a paint mask w/ your cutter and just paint it, lasts forever takes minimal effort and looks good
  6. SignGame

    Can someone help me?

    You can edit this graphic in SignBlazer, it won't easy, try to get a copy of illustrator to do your design work with, I use Signblazer at home, only to cut w/, design EVERYTHING in illustrator
  7. SignGame

    Need Help Picking a Gaphic Program

    If your creating graphics for your website and your cutter, the best bet is to get a copy of illustrator (the newer the better), and either keep your photoshop or get an updated version. Illustrator is always my go to program for my design work, I don't even use photoshop that much unless I'm setting files up for print.
  8. SignGame

    Dr. Seuss' LORAX

    What is a LORAX vector?
  9. SignGame

    Can someone help me?

    The best way to connect that cat to your lettering is to cut the path that the cat is on using the scissor tool where you want to connect at, then cut the paths on the lettering where you want the cat to connect, then rejoin those line. Short cut for cutting tool is (ctrl + c), to rejoin grab open end points w/ white arrow tool and press (ctrl + j)
  10. SignGame

    Can someone help me?

    be right back
  11. SignGame

    Can someone help me?

    The k is tricky on the last pdf
  12. SignGame

    Can someone help me?

    here's one a little better, just do some cleanup cougar vector copy2.pdf cougar vector copy2.pdf
  13. SignGame

    Can someone help me?

    This looks descent it should cut good just a little hard to weed cougar vector copy.pdf cougar vector copy.pdf
  14. SignGame

    Can someone help me?

    Are you wanting someone to vectorize this whole image for you?
  15. SignGame

    Help vectorizing this logo! Please!

    I suggest looking into getting Flexi Pro, so much more fluent w/ illy files. There's alot of tricks you can use in your version of illy. I'm using CS2 and was able to trace that w/ no problem. Next time place your JPG into a new illustrator drawing, then go to OBJECT. Under object you'll have a LIVE TRACE option, go to that, on the menu that pops out go to TRACING OPTIONS and play around a little, once you get the hang of it you'll be vectorizing in no time. No biggie