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  1. I need to see if anyone here would be interested in giving me a quote for about 500 shirts screen printed. the design is pretty simple, 3 color full back and 3 color left chest on white t shirts. Pm me if interested. thanks
  2. ff958

    Splicing Translucent

    Thanks for the input guys, I never thought about google. Even tho I use it for about everything else. Still not sure which way I will go but now I have few ideas. Thanks again
  3. ff958

    Splicing Translucent

    I have a sign to do that id 6' x 8'. It is two color with the first layer is an oval that covers most of the sign. I will have to to that part in two sections because my cutter will only cut 42". What is the best way to do this without having a dark line or a gap. Any suggestions?
  4. ff958

    Help with firetrucks

    Yes there are. One is they have to have a 4 or 6 inch (can't remember which) white reflective stripe around the the truck. They also have to have 6 inch reflective stripes alternating colors in an inverted "V" on the back of the truck. It only has to cover 50 percent of the back. NFPA 1903 I think. I normally use 3m stuff for my reflective. My preference, but some depts. request it.
  5. Have a look here. http://www.thesignexpert.com/TheSignExpert.com/Sign_Business_Free_Sign_Price_Calculators.html
  6. ff958

    Pricing with sign update

    Not only will it fade but after a while it will start to crack, and peel. No more that what the cost is you would be better off using 751. About the only time I use 651 is for short term use, yards signs, etc.
  7. ff958

    Screen Printing Press

    If all you need is a press them watch Craigslist I see alot of used presses pretty cheap.
  8. ff958


    The tennis ball trick works pretty good but nothing compared to this thing. Probably the best 50 bucks spent so far.
  9. ff958


    I used this thing for the first time today on a livestock trailer and WOW this thing is awesome. It is nice to find something that actually works like they say it will.
  10. ff958


    Thought I would share a recent experience I had with some Shinerite from Fellars. I just used some of their cast metallic, I think they call it permacast, it did cut ok but it felt more like Oracal 651 instead of a what I thought a cast vinyl should feel like. After using it think I will stick with Oracal, 3m or Avery. Just FYI not trying to put down the house brands, this was just my experience.
  11. They have a few different packages that range from 4600 to 9300. I know that two of the packages come with a conveyor dryer, flash dryer 4/4 press all the odds and ends you need to get started as well as their flash unit. I just thought it would be a good machine for short runs, but I was hoping that someone had used it or knew someone that has it.
  12. This system has probably been talked about before but I could not find it with a search so, has anyone had this or know anyone that does or did. I saw it at the NBM show on Friday and liked it because I work out of my basement and I only do orders of 150 or less. Anything else gets sent out. Just looking for some info good or bad.
  13. ff958

    How can I put projects over to a disc

    I must not be as smart as the rest of you guys, I just export the file as an eps and a jpeg to a flash drive.
  14. Try to weld the pic and then outline the image. Then turn on the cut mask for just the outline.
  15. Had the same issues until I switched to a serial to usb adapter