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  1. I have a USCutter MH1351 and am using Signblazer Elements. Machine worked fine for a few weeks but now the blade seems to cut the vinyl when moving from one letter to another, and it's the same issue with images. The first part of the text or image will cut just fine, but midway, about 10 letters in (no matter what the size of the image) the cutter doesn't seem to be lifting quick enough so it leaves a cut from one letter to another or through the image. I have tried a new blade, adjusted the blade, speed to the lowest setting, pressure, Baud Rate, paper guide tension, even tried using different software (WinPCSign) and still get the same issue no matter what I adjust. Any ideas what the problem could be?
  2. Thanks, this has solved the issue. I spent the entire day adjusting bits when I should have come here in the first place. There are still very faint drag marks even though the blade only protrudes enough to cut through the vinyl and not the backing when I take it out and test it across the vinyl. Could the z axis chip be faulty now? I thought it may be worth replacing anyway as USCutter sells the chip for $5 but as we're based in the UK the shipping cost brings the total up to $100.