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    Need help with SC series overcuts

    Yep, All of that is correct. On my Roland and my MH series cutter, everything works beautifully. I just added this machine a few weeks ago and I haven't been able to figure out the problem. I have tried messing with the blade offset, thinking that was the issue, but it never seemed to change anything. Thanks for the input! It is greatly appreciated!
  2. First off, I appologize if this thread should go into another section... I just couldn't find a support section for the SC series cutters. If there is one, then the admins may feel free to move it to the correct section. I'm having a problem with overcuts on my new SC series cutter. Instead of making a normal overcut, the cut line follows ALMOST all the way to the end point, and then juts off about .040" in an odd direction, often making the start and end points "miss" each other. It is very obnoxious for weeding, especially on small decals for cars. As a CNC machinist, it looks to me like the machine is attempting to make "lead in/out" cuts, but that doesn't make any sense for a vinyl plotter. I generally use Signgo Lite for my cutting, and I originally thought this was the problem, but lately I've tried in SignCut and SignBlazer and I have the same problem in all of them. Does anybody have any ideas about what could fix this problem? Thanks!