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  1. lexiprice

    Best Oracal Matte Black

    I've bought a bunch of different kinds of orcal black vinyl. It's been a while. I know I bought some matte black that SUCKED to work with and had to buy a different type of application tape and whatnot. It was aweful. I can't remember which type of oracal black that was. I need MATTE black, but don't want to buy that crap again. Anyone know the easy kind of oracal matte black to buy? This is rambly. Sorry.
  2. lexiprice

    Will someone vectorize this for me?

    Thank you so so much!
  3. I killed my Corel Draw program. Charges are pending. If you can turn this into a vector for me you'd be a rock star. And that is huge. Really. It is. You don't need to clean it up or anything, I can do that in sign blazer. I just need to be able to play with it. I know we should be able to vectorize in signblazer, but it's never worked for me. I just need the arrow part vectorized, not the wording. It's not a copyrighted image. Thanks a bunch. You're the best. I'm pretty sure.
  4. lexiprice

    License number for Corel Draw X3

    So I downloaded some awesome virus and it killed my Corel program. We need to reload it but I've lost the license number. Anyone have any idea where I can get it from? I downloaded the program off of corel but I can't find anywhere on there that can retrieve my number. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. lexiprice

    Help with this font ID pls?

    I can't find the exact one, but monotype corsiva is close.
  6. lexiprice

    planets/ solar system

    I'm looking for a very basic solar system with all of the planets and the sun. it's just for my son's wall. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. lexiprice

    Cherry blossom

    just take the existing flowers off. Also, you can copy and paste the same branches over and over again, shrinking or elongating them to make a bunch. I did it in my house. branch.SBD branch.SBD
  8. I just wanted to do some shirts for my husband for Christmas. I bought a vinyl sample (I do indoor vinyl for homes...none of this clothing stuff) but didn't realize I'd need a heat press. Can I just use an iron if it's only for a few applications? Will it not work with my regular application tape? I might just be SOL on this one. Any help for an idiot friend will be greatly appreciated.
  9. lexiprice

    I can't find this font anywhere!

    anyone know of anything even close to looking like this font?
  10. lexiprice

    I can't find this font anywhere!

    do you know where I can get such a sign?
  11. lexiprice

    What is the most common font for signs?

    Helvetica is one of the most used in the industry. target and the like use it for their signs.
  12. lexiprice

    I can't find this font anywhere!

    any help would be greatly appreciated. If you have ideas for either fonts in this, that would REALLY help.
  13. lexiprice

    Need to recreate, what font is it, please?

    looks like a 2peas font.
  14. lexiprice

    I don't even know what to call the images i need.....

    I don't know if I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm attaching what I have that might work. Also, myvinyldesigner.com has some cute embellishments or flueries that might work. geodeco.zip geodeco.zip