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    Feeding after cut? Tiles problem?

    I have that all set the same. I have serial connection.
  2. tthorn

    Feeding after cut? Tiles problem?

    Thanks for a response. I did what you said. Tried another trial with 3 tiles. First tile cut out fine, it skipped the second one and went to the third one. Then after completing the 3rd one, went to the second one and only cut the top portion of the design. It went back to third one after cutting the top portion, and recut the third one... AHHHH!
  3. Maybe I'm just missing this? But I can't figure out why. I'm trying to cut one image 76 times. So 76 tiles correct? I addjusted the legth of it to fit all the tiles. For a trial run, I tried 3 tiles at first. After the first tile, the second tile created a huge line through the second design, and didn't cut out the text. Fail. So, attempt #2. Cut the design once, have it advance 0.20 after cut, recut design. Didn't work. The vinyl feeds backwards, and does a double cut over the design before that. Am I grounding this wrong? Is there an option I'm missing? I need to get these shirts out ASAP, and keep having this problem. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.