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    Help, looking for fox logo

    Hi Guys Hope someone can help.... Looking for the one colour fox logo with the fox head in the middle... hope someone can help... cheers
  2. universaltransformations

    Here's a Fox Racing EPS and SBD

    Hey there Dalharts, You wouldn't have the fox logo where it says FOX. Instead of the O it has the head instead!! Cheers
  3. universaltransformations

    Graphic sharing thread... Start your EPS collection here!

    These sound great but they didn't work...coud you post them again please
  4. universaltransformations

    New to vinyl cutting and need some help...

    Thank you very much for all your help guys...I am using cheap China vinyl...this is the problem. I went down and got some good vinyl to use... Thank you again guys!! Shane
  5. universaltransformations

    New to vinyl cutting and need some help...

    HI Guys, My name is Shane and I am from Down Under. I am starting up a new business and I have purchased my new machine and I am now fustrated!! I hope someone out there can help me please. I have been doing test cuts little squares and have also done some text. The issue is when I peel back the vinyl the bits of vinyl i want to stay don't stay. Like its not cutiing it properly?? I have been adjusting the blade depth all the way to only the tiniest bit sticking out. Seems to cut the vinyl fine but leaves nothing behind. If I use my fingers to push the cut outs onto the backing sheet they stay. Made an absouloute mess doing this with my text!! HIRE A BOB CAT was the text. Three letters stayed the rest didn't. Could it be the vinyl I got in the package asuming the vinyl could be cheap?? Respect is the brand... Very grateful on your feed back.... Thanks Shane
  6. universaltransformations

    New to vinyl cutting and need some help...

    I will give it a go...didn't play with the pressure when i made the blade shorter. Pressure is on 300 should it be more? thanks