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    Paper Cutting Questions

    I have a couple of questions about cutting card-stock for craft type projects. Without getting into lasers, I want to know more about those machines that cut with knives. If you are familiar with the Cricut and Silhouette Cameo desktop craft cutters, these questions might be for you. What are these machines called generically or in the industry? I tried looking them up on google to see if someone makes larger, commercial grade machines, but didn't know what keywords to use... Do they all require the sticky mats to hold the paper or are there other methods out there for cutting intricate shapes from card stock? Also, how successfull have any of you been in using a vinyl US Cutter machine (SC 34" is the one I'm looking at) to cut card stock from 12"x12" sheets? Thanks in advance! Marshall
  2. UtahBrands

    Utah n00b

    Thanks guys! I am already familiar with the design and graphics side of things as I have designed a fair amout of stickers, vinyls, and signs, but I would love to eliminate the middle man and the time delay when ordering vinyl products, shirts, etc. Marshall
  3. UtahBrands

    Width Considerations Only Thread

    I think what we need is more pics of tractor trailers! Correct! I can already tell this is a good collection of observations and opinions. I am looking for my first machine to be capable of small work as well as vehicle applications, but someone else who happens across this thread can read the conversation and make the decision that's right for them.
  4. UtahBrands

    Which heat press vinyl?

    So where do you buy the Siser products since they don't sell from their site? http://siserna.com/heat-transfer-vinyl/easyweed
  5. I saw one of these on a classifieds site for $250. Listed as 'Roland PNC-1000 Vinyl Cutter' Does not include anything except the unit, cords, and manual. Also, "Drivers and Cutting software are not included but you can obtain drivers and software from www.rolanddga.com" Does this sound right? Thanks, Marshall
  6. UtahBrands

    Width Considerations Only Thread

    Thanks for the feedback already. And incase it goes away, I'll quote the ebay info below: What I'm also curious about is why there is such a broad range of intermediate sizes vs standard jumps between sizes. For example, you can get one on ebay that's a 34" machine vs a 31" on Amazon. Both are entry level machines capable of loading 30" vinyl, but why would one company go a few inches different? As the buyer, is there an advantage to those few inches?
  7. In the spirit of making the most educated purchase, I've been browsing and searching the Pre-Sale Questions forum, but have not found a thread I was looking for. Without getting into any other aspect of the various machines and their features, I would like to collect ideas on how to decide on the width of a vinyl cutter to get. Examples: Is there an advantage to owning a narrower machine (12" - 19")? Is there a width that should be avoided? What's the sweet spot for a great all-around cutter? What are the advantages when it comes to buying vinyl in certain widths? Have you "gotten by" with a smaller machine that cost you a lot less money? Are there certain types of vinyl cutting jobs that a particular width of machines works perfect for? Are there "industry standards" or "best practices" to be aware of? Horror stories? Success stories? Thanks for you input. (If this thread works out, maybe it could get pinned??) Marshall
  8. UtahBrands

    Utah n00b

    My name is Marshall and I'm a branding and product design consultant from Utah. I'm reaserching vinyl plotters, techniques, etc. in order to make an educated purchase sometime soon. I've browsed through the forum a bit now, and everyone here seems to be very thorough and helpful. Thanks and we'll see you around!