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    Font request help

    any idea on this font? Thanks in advance
  2. ncdecals

    Font request help

    I got it thanks
  3. ncdecals


    Hope all are well...... here is a font I need help to id thanks in advance
  4. I am looking to see if anyone has like a Briggs and Stratton engine or small engine logo for a small engine repair business design I am doing thanks in advance
  5. ncdecals

    Small Engine Repair Vector or Logo

    yes thanks just needs to be a small engine like this... did not mean to say a "name"
  6. ncdecals

    HELP.....What is this font

    Thanks in advance.... I really hope someone can figure it out..... The top font I would like to know the font and also does the font make it look like it is curved? not sure if that is the correct term but wide on the outside and thinner in the middle to give it a curve look, and the bottom font is needed as well THANKS in advance so much
  7. ncdecals

    anyone have an idea on this

    Anyone have an ide a on this font? Thanks in advance
  8. ncdecals

    anyone have an idea on this

    anyone else? HELP
  9. ncdecals

    anyone have an idea on this

    thats close but need exact thanks
  10. ncdecals

    anyone have an idea on this

    Yes I have to Embroider this years date on it for a customer
  11. ncdecals

    Anyone have an idea on this font

    Thanks in advance
  12. ncdecals

    Anyone have an idea on this font

    It is close to that but not close enough anyone else
  13. ncdecals

    Help with Font Please

    Please see image as I am looking to see what font this is thanks in advance
  14. I am looking to make this in corel draw for whatever reason I can not figure it out thnaks in advance I need to make it to add text to it for the top and bottom of an image
  15. ncdecals

    font id please

    Anyone know what this font is? Thanks in advance
  16. I am looking for the following font anyone have an idea I thank you in advance for any ideas you may have I get I have to add the tail but looking for the font thanks
  17. ncdecals

    looking for this font for baseball shirts

    I think I found it Brush Script
  18. ncdecals

    Looking for a similar font

    I am looking for a font that is similar to the big bad bold font found here
  19. ncdecals

    what type of font

    Looking to find out this font type Thanks in advance Bret
  20. ok I normally do shirts for the most part. but can do decals etc I have done a trailer before but I have another guy looking to get 2 trailers done with 3 decals total on each trailer 2 sides and 1 back the decals are 5foot by 5 foot... I seem to be getting round 300.00 per decal and that is not charging putting it on just wanted to ask to see if I am in the ball park.. 2 color decal by the way Thanks
  21. ncdecals

    Font style

    Just need to know what type of font this is it is from a baseball shirt from a youth baseball team thanks