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    Anyone use one of these?

    Bought one this week. Very well known machines. There are K40 groups on Facebook who will help set it up and upgrade it to do larger and different tasks.
  2. garyo1954

    please help. i need signblazer software

    Simple solution is to take a paper clip and press it in the keyhole on the driver. That is what it is for. Unbend the paper clip, press it stright in the hole, the driver will pop open. You now have your disc. G
  3. garyo1954

    Reading these scare me

    Thanks John! I appreciate all the help I can get everyday I have to deal with people who can hear. Whoever the uscutter handle is at the big auction, is probably tired of me. But I give that person a lot of credit for taking the time to answer my questions which led me to buying a Silhouette Cameo. Being honest about it, I'd say they went out of their way to get details that meant a lot to what I am doing, but maybe not so much to most craft and hobbyists. Now if they could only get it to me yesterday..... Thank you John! It's a pleasure meeting good people!
  4. garyo1954

    need help choosing cutter and material.

    Skeeter, you are right. Search led me to this..... SC Brand USCutter SC Series Blade Types Standard, Roland compatible Comparison - Notes Higher quality than our popular MH Series. Driving Method Stepper Motor Mechanical resolution 0.0254mm/step Buffer capacity 1MB Repeatability 0.127mm Interface Serial Port & USB2.0 Max Cutting Width 31.44 inches (800mm) Max Feed Width 34.68 inches (880mm) Max Pressure 300 - 350 Grams Max Speed 0.48-15.75 Inch/s ( 2.5-400mm/s) 8 Channel adjustable Memory 1MB - Recyclable Model Name SC801E Number of Pinch Rollers 3 Repetition Accuracy 0.005IN (0.127 MM) Resolution 0.001Inch/step (0.0254mm/step) Roller Mechanism Fine grit feed rollers Included Software SignCut Pro (Win. & MAC). SignBlazer Elements (Cutting) is available at USCutter's website. Laser Registeration Yes. USCutter however does not support the use of the laser registration and it is not covered in the warranty. MH Key Specifications: Brand: US Cutter Model: MH721 Max. feeding widths: 28.3" (720mm) Max. cutting widths: 24.8" (630mm) Capacity: 1Mb Cutting Speed: 60 - 720mm/s Cutting Force: 50 - 400g Interface: Serial / Parallel / USB Port Power Requirements: AC 90V-260V Repeatability: 0.0127mm Mechanical Resolution: 0.0254mm/step Stepper Motors Command Set: DMPL / HPGL Three pinch rollers Te repeatability and resolution is not horrible on either of these machine, but speed will make the difference on how accurate the cuts are. The big drawback on the SC is it clearly states it does not have laser registration. I haven't found that specifically stated for the MH. Maybe someone can help with that. Laser Registration "is where the registration eye, or laser, comes into play with our contour cutters. The eye or laser registers at the edges of the printed portion of the vinyl allowing the software to know where to start and stop cutting." Graphtech wins. And thank you fro pointing this before I made a huge mistake! G
  5. garyo1954

    need help choosing cutter and material.

    Good to know Skeeter. I was tossing around the possibility of going to the MH or SC. due to the gf. Cameo gf is 210 but you are looking at 250 - 300 with the other machines. I'm not planning micro cuts, but would be interested in a machine that would cut and duplicate the cut within a small area and a given tolerance. I am not planning on heavy duty use or materials but it would be nice to know the machine was capapble of doing that. And lettering is not on something I am concerned with either. Guess I need to quit deciding and decide already.
  6. garyo1954

    need help choosing cutter and material.

    I'm not understanding. Isn't the MH a Graphtec cutter? I was under the impression the MH and the SC were both Graphtecs. Aybody know the cutting resolution of those machines? Thanks G
  7. garyo1954

    Reading these scare me

    Raven that's a good point. And I'm pleased with the response from USCutters too..... "The Silhouette should be able to handle the materials you need. The product I would suggest for you is the Oramask 810, or 810s. It's thin enough to wrap, but thick enough to reuse it. It is however adhesive. There are also products such as the greenstar 7010 SBB which might work well for your application. You can find all of our stencil materials directly from the USCutter website. Simply do a search on stencil. Likewise for the Oramask materials." When you set back and think, sometimes it is hard to reccommend a specific use machine since the seller can't know the full intent of the buyer. And the buyer doesn't what the machine will do or how to get the best performance from it. He only knows he has an idea. Maybe the buyer doesn't convery what his intent is in a manner the seller understands. Maybe he doesn't know how best to accomplish what he intends. Or maybe the seller believes the buyer understands more than he does. In any case there is a difference in selling a machine and using a machine. A salesperson can quote the specs and say in theory what it should be capapble of. A person who has experience with the machine will tell you what it can actually do. And that is the good thing about forums like this.You can get information from people who have moved from theory to hands on experience. That makes a huge difference to me when I am thinking of buying something. G
  8. garyo1954

    Reading these scare me

    Skeeter I know how you feel about tools. I have worked with tools all my life, just hadn't had much luck with computer controlled Got my first CNC router last year. Got it setup and blew the CPU fan. Replaced that and next run blew the CPU fan and the hard drive. My son hasn't let me forget that yet. Guess that is what son's are good for. I am intensely researching this purchase. And the really crafty ladies at the Silhouette forums are showing me ideas I couldn't have dreamed about in 30 years. Form everybody who has used the Silhouette I haven't heard one complaint. I'm not planning to do production work, so I think the Cameo would be a good start. Mark, I appreciate that answer too. Maybe because I found USCutters at the big auction, one of the first listing in search, I didn't see that. I'll have to check it out. Thanks again!
  9. I am pretty much dead set on buying a Silhouette Cameo. Contacted USCutters through ebay. I felt positive by the response today. But then I read the responses to the guys who have problems and seems the solution is "Call Customer Service." That's scary. I'm deaf. No matter how many phone numbers a company has on its page, I'm not calling it. Customer service is part of sales. If I am going to buy from a company I want to know what I am getting before I fork over my hard earned dollars. If they send me that in an email, then that is part of the contract. And if I don't get it, I have a valid complaint and proof of what was promised. And even if I am deaf, I realize, anybody can tell you anything on the phone and forget it later. So you people scare me thinking everybody can make a call and solve a problem. I can't. But companies are geared to that way of thinking. I am a disabled vet. I have 19% hearing in one ear. I might hear a train with hearing aids, but it doesn't do much good on a phone. No matter how hard I push that phone up to my head, it won't help when someone is turning their head or whispering on the other end. Customer Service people get offended when you ask them so speak up. And no matter how many times you explain you are deaf, it never sinks in. I sent another message asking the max mil the Cameo would cut. No response. I started readint this forum and started wondering if an MH or an SC might be better than the Cameo. I sent them that question. So far no response. Too I live in the boonies in Texas. The nearest hobby store is over an hour away and according to the online info they don't have it in stock. No surprise. A lot of things I used to buy when I lived in Dallas is unavailable in this area. You people have me a little worried, but if i don't get a response, I can buy a Cameo in 20 different places for the same price. If the person handling ebay can't answer simple questions, maybe USCutter doesn't want or need my money. G