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  1. PBear

    Crashing Football Helmets

    foortball helmets yes, crashing no got... let me know if those will do
  2. PBear

    Need Wheat Stalk

    Thank you soooo much,,, for some reason I always for get the search bar....
  3. PBear

    Need Wheat Stalk

    Any body have a stalk of wheat???
  4. PBear

    Vinyl Pricer

    I was looking for it also and can't find it... Can't wait to find it
  5. I'm looking let ya know
  6. PBear

    Freightliner FL series outline

    I can take a look for one this weekend and see whats in my black box...
  7. PBear

    planets/ solar system

    I may have what you're looking for, will look for it this weekend...
  8. PBear

    Need a particular style of police shield

    Here is a LAPD badge I use for some of their volunteer groups LAPD.ai LAPD.ai
  9. PBear

    anybody have a good, cuttable Pigeon???

    This is one I found, may have another one if not good enough Kris 17.AI 17.AI
  10. PBear

    Boiler Animal logo

    don't know what they are... so guess I don't have any
  11. PBear

    Ribbon Bow

    here are three more 04N05.EPS 04N14.EPS 04N18.EPS 04N05.EPS 04N14.EPS 04N18.EPS
  12. PBear

    Ribbon Bow

    Here's four will upload a few more 04N01.EPS 04N02.EPS 04N03.EPS 04N04.EPS 04N01.EPS 04N02.EPS 04N03.EPS 04N04.EPS
  13. PBear

    Oil Derrick

    here they are, O did you want off shore cause that's what these are. 17.EPS 18.EPS 19.EPS 17.EPS 18.EPS 19.EPS
  14. PBear

    Oil Derrick

    I found a couple, have to get them and then remember how to upload and they'll be here tonight..
  15. PBear

    Vinyl Pricer

    Mike you're doing as outstanding job.... thank you for all your brain twisting working with Excel.... If ya need any advil let me know.. Kris