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  1. liquidfusion

    Lost in space...

    Good to see the forum is still going strong. Was a member here many years ago, but had the opportunity to do some contractor work all over the world as a medical professional so I've been far removed. Looking forward to learning again, and meeting new folks on the comm here..
  2. liquidfusion

    tatto gun images

    LOL, Tattoo machine.... Your gun is between your legs...
  3. liquidfusion

    20140821 224435

    Man thats really badass...
  4. liquidfusion

    Drive In Marquis

    Does anyone have a drive in marquis style sign with the arrow wrapped around the bottom of it they would be willing to share...? I searched under the tags marquis, drive in sign, and a few others, but am coming up empty, maybe its because Im a day person... Thanks in advance. Bruce
  5. liquidfusion

    Looking for pump shotgun outline

    Thanks for sharing...
  6. liquidfusion

    Just checking in...

    Hope everyone is well... Havent been around much as I took a job driving a tanker in the oilfields up around Midland/Big Lake Texas.... Couldnt really turn down the money as my shop here in Del Rio was barely paying for itself, but have no fear lol still printing jobs as they come in piece by piece...... Here's hoping everyone has a spectacular summer season... Bruce
  7. liquidfusion

    President Decals legal?

    Here are my thoughts on the current administration...
  8. liquidfusion

    Barrett .50 Caliber

    No worries, glad I could help.
  9. liquidfusion

    Barrett .50 Caliber

    Ive been gone awhile, but here's what I can offer...
  10. liquidfusion

    Oil Rig Derrick

    For sure man, I truly appreciate, and maybe I can return the favor... I go under the radar now and then and vanish for a few days to a month or so, doing the contract medic thing....
  11. liquidfusion

    Any Pinstripers?

    I dabble with pinstriping... Dont get to play as much as I would like...
  12. liquidfusion

    Oil Rig Derrick

    Big thanks for that man... sorry for the late reply.. Ive been down south doing the medic thing...
  13. liquidfusion

    Oil Rig Derrick

    It would be greatly appreciated, if I need to square you up with any funds please let me know....
  14. liquidfusion

    53 Chevy pickup

    Thanks for sharing...
  15. liquidfusion

    Oil Rig Derrick

    Just the derrick Jay... Thanks for sharing maddog...