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  1. Hi, I'm relatively new to cutting and was succsfull cutting vinyl in a lighter weight 48" roll on a UScutter Laserpoint 48. However, I ordered some heavier duty vinyl for application to an automobile. It is in a role 15inches wide and I ordered it with sprockets not really knowing what that meant. my problem is that this vinyl is "puckering" when it travels through the machine. Then as it cuts fine detail, those detail areas get all torn up. I have set the 3 rollers equally spaced out over the 15 inches of the material, but it seems to pucker and bump both as it rolls behind the cutting head and after it travels through in front of the cutting head. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. Do I need to change the glad to a different size? The blade currently in the machine has been used only once. Do I need to slow down the cutting? Do I need to change the Pressure? Whats the key here? Thanks!!!