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  1. coloradokev

    QR code quote, please

    Okay- Lemme try this again: I'd like to get a quote from someone to print the QR code, not cut it (I can do that). Thanks - Kev
  2. Hey Guys, It's been a while- hope everyone's doing well. I need to make a fresh batch of beef jerky, and spend a few hours (days?) catching up with what's been going on here. In the mean time though, I have a small job I'd like help with. Can someone give me pricing for printing the attached QR code in black on white vinyl? I want two @ 6"x6", and one @ 12"x12", with a .3" white border on all sides. Thanks much, - Kev
  3. coloradokev

    Is SignBlazer Elements availiable for Windows 7

    Yes- I've been using SBE w/W7 for some time now, and it works fine. I did find one weird thing with fonts though, I can't seem to get SBE to find a TTF I installed in the fonts directory. Anybody know what's up with that?
  4. coloradokev

    Signblazer on Windows7 ?

    thanks Cody= That is good news. I'm a little less apprehensive about the switch over now, How do like W7 overall? - K
  5. coloradokev


    You are squarely in the middle of an area of africanized bee influence. They got started there about 15 years ago. I'd call the county extension office and ask their advise. Honey bees are wonderful creatures, but if they pose a threat while you are just working around your place, that's not right. - K
  6. coloradokev

    Signblazer on Windows7 ?

    As I understand from a couple of the guys at work, the footprint of W7 is about the same as for Vista, so no additional bloatware, but much faster. Reading some of the comments on user forums, there are folks reporting that they have it running fine on single core processors with a Gb of memory. I'll get her loaded up this week and report back with what I experience. Per the Microsoft website for Windows 7 "Release candidate" (read beta version): Here's what you need to have: Internet access (to download Windows 7 RC and get updates) A PC with these system requirements: 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor 1 GB RAM (32-bit) / 2 GB RAM (64-bit) 16 GB available disk space (32-bit) / 20 GB (64-bit) DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver - K
  7. coloradokev


    Dan- what area of the country are you in? I've worked with bees for years and not known anything other than african-tainted bees to be so aggressive and aim for "openings" in the face. a number of africanized bee victims wer found with thier mouth, ears, eyes and nostrils full of bees. Not pretty. Normal european or italian bees (which are the most common) are quite docile unless: - you bump into their hive - wear black, or dark colors around their hive - breathe on them- for God's sake, don't breathe on them! I think all that has to do with them thinking you're a predator (like a bear). I don't think they mind leaches too much though. If the bees are turning into a menace, you should talk to the owner about requeening the hives to settle them down or report the hive(s) to the county ext. svc. so they can have a constructive talk with the owner/keeper. - K
  8. coloradokev


    I had no idea this was a cross over post from your "outdoor pond" tread, but I posted there this morning... funny, cool people on this site. I gotta come here in the mornings instead of reading the paper...,5515.60.html
  9. coloradokev

    OUTDOOR PEOPLE pond question????

    Holy Cow!! This is too funny! You guys are such a stitch! I'm supposed to be getting a job installed, but I had to finish this thread before I could do anything else. I'm not much for "chat speak" but, OMG LOL!!! A "Water Chupacabra"? Oh my!... hilarious! It has my vote for being some sort of leach, but an "alien, glow-in-the-dark, inviso-leach" now that's a new one. There's gotta be a "C" grade sci-fi movie in this somewhere. REALLY! If they can make this: Then a movie about "mutant, glow-in-the-dark, alien, inviso-leaches", possibly from the planet Smeggula has to a natural (or un-natural). I don't know if I could sleep at night knowing those things were slinking around, glowing invisibly around my place, waiting for just the right opportunity to take over the world... Wheww! (cathchng my breath)... Or- you could take one or two of the possibly diabolical critters to you county extension office. They'd be able to tell you (or their untimely demise from a glowing, pulsating blood suckers would make a great scene in the up-coming movie)! Keep us posted Terry! Put a ring of salt around your house just to play it safe!
  10. coloradokev

    Signblazer on Windows7 ?

    Heh-heh, Thanks John... way to shove me out on that limb! I may as well, since I was planning on installing it anyway. It may take me another week though, I'd like to finish the cut jobs I have lined up already before I flirt with disaster. I'm still open to input from the intrepid crew here though. Pretty please...somebody???
  11. coloradokev

    Signblazer on Windows7 ?

    Hey All, Any adventurous soul out there using SB on Windows 7 yet? If so, whaddayouthink? Any problems, first impressions? I want to load it on my new laptop, but first want to check if anyone else is using this combination already. Thanks, - Kev
  12. coloradokev


    Doh! Sorry Rodger... I'm just finishing the last of my grave shift days (nights?) and I'm kinda fried and crispy. My apologies. M u s t s l e e p... -Kev
  13. coloradokev


    Thanks for the post Rodger, I hadn't seen it yet. By the way, is your Caps lock key stuck or sump'm? I was wondering why you're yelling all the time.
  14. coloradokev

    Anyone else here work crazy hours? I am sooooo bored!

    Hey- I'm draggin' my tired butt through the last 10 hour night of my graveyard rotation. I feel like a freakin' vampire, but I only have to do it about every 6 weeks or so: 10 pm to 9 in the morning. You might not realize you have company, but we're out here. Hang in there. 5000? That IS a lot of stickers! - K
  15. coloradokev

    How to Re-Install USB or to Get It to CUT!!!

    Hey Twister, Does any other device (mouse, thumb drive, inkjet printer) work from your computer's USB port(s)? You'll want to confirm port viability using something else if you can. Apart from that, have you no DB-9 serial port on your desktop? That would be a good option to use. - K